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There's a picture of me in my user profile

I feel like hiding. Cocooning. Sitting quietly at home and reading Malcolm X or finishing my college essays, or working out until I emerge superior to my former self so entirely that the person sitting here now won

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Blogging is addictive...

Does blogging=exhibitionism?

And some anti-gay quips from dad.

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karma gone bad

Shits pouring from my fingers
Writing things I didn

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Utter Poppycock! Michael Jackson on 20/20

Have you guys seen Michael Jackson on 20/20 interview? I mean GOD! Its utter poppycock! Unbeleivable

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photocopier chats

twenty-first century fireside chats.

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How do convince them to like you even if they are straight? Eventhough they once admitted they thought they were bi, acted on it, and liked it?

This is the story of my love life. I have been crushing on a girl for two years and it's the most heartbreaking thing in the world to hear her talk about the guy at Starbucks that she's in love with. It's just weird that she once claimed she liked girls and now wants nothing to do with them.

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Today...Mood: Blah!

Today I joined a yahoo group for self-injurers. I'm hoping it will help me quit cutting myself. I'm also going my site, with my Wiccan name, Raven. I'm still pissed over yesterday. Kevin had no right to come and say that shit to me. "Joey's just going to go out with you for you to give him head" Well, Joey ignored me, so I'm not going to break up with Trevor for him. Trevor hasn't called me though.

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Enter the Zone...

No, not the Zone diet, that doesn't work. Instead, I'm about to enter the writing zone again.

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Hello again

Not sure I've got time to sit and work out the ins and outs of the new system, so this'll have to do for now!

Things are so confusing right now. Those of you who used to read my column "Piccolo.Oasismag" will know that I've been seeing a therapist, but my GP and I talked, and I admitted that I wasn't sure that it was helping. Soooooo, I have to go see a psychiatrist, which is pretty damn scary!

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Hmmm.... ok, this was "New User"

I wrote a little thing about seing my name on the side under "new users" and thinking, "hey, I'm not a new user! I've been around forever..."

But then it disappeared... obviously, despite extensive LJing, I haven't got this blog thing down... oh well.

The new site looks fantabulous, thanks to all the people who put it up, esp. Mama Jeff and Adrian. Much queer love to everyone.

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coughing my lungs out

here i am having this sore throat...............went shopping today.....umm, i really need a pair of jeans...can't find a watch i like.......and i'm still coughing from i dunno what

maybe i should turn in early, afterall i promised to have breakfast wif some frens.....then again, when have i ever been on time, lol.

anyway, dun trust mp3 editing programmes. they almost never work....

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Proof once again ..

that some people just have toooooooo much fucking time.

Disco Squirrels

I am waiting anxiously for latest toy to arrive. ... mwahahaha.

Pretty soon I'll have my own arcade cabinet in my living room. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc etc. mmm.. can't wait.

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Black Queer, not here

Over the last few years, I've been trying to assert my identity and I've run into some problems as a gay black male. I don't seem to exist. At least not in the sense of having a visible and accessible community to fall back on. During the entirety of my coming out and my identity development process I've understood this to en extend but still tried to explore the communities open to me. At the time that I was coming out this meant exploring gayness and getting a feeling for gay culture. I failed at joining some type of larger gay community in high school or finding a group with any strong gay identity (except for this one youth center) and I had no idea how to incorporate my gayness and blackness.

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