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Life goes on...

What a weekend... well, Ilana and I aren't dating anymore. I can't stand the long distance, this is for good. There is no going back now. 6 months and some odd days... I'll never forget that time, and we are still going to be very good friends. ((Rachelle... you are going to hurt me...:)))
Let's see, how do I say this. First of all I can't identify as lesbian anymore... all because of Zach.

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Advice, por favor? Bitte? Please?

Ladies and Gentlemen, your advice please.... *drum role, please*... we have three choices.... three choices to help moi on my quest to rejoin the civilized world. Read on (n.b. free food:))

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So for the first time in a long time today, I was really depressed. It's almost always been an issue, but today it was so much worse than usual. I guess it started when I woke up late today so I could finish up a paper for english. Which ended up being a 3.5 page paper (go me :)), but I missed my favorite period, ceramics. Well, I went to school and shit, got through the day (it wasnt so bad) but then I had to go to the bank after school to cash my pay-check.

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My true feelings...revealed

How can I express my love to you?
I love you in a way few can even fathom.

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I had the weirdest dream ever while napping! But that shall come later. I had an unusual day! First of all, it is the most Februaryish day that ever Februaryed in the long prominent history of Februarying. In other words, it looked like a cold London day, with a constant misty rain falling, and no light at all. It was slippery, and I almost died several times going to school. Then a friend was angry at me, but it was something that wasn't my fault, so no drama ensued, unfortunatly. I was also in the newspaper for some article my friend wrote, which was neat! But I hadn't read it until just now. It was really good!

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First it was him
And then it was me
And now its you
It spread like a disease
and now it effects us all

We all were looking for a way out
Or maybe we were jealous of the attention he got
He was the weirdest of us all
His pain was noticed and we still blended in with the rest

Then we each had cuts to match
A cut for each ounce of self-hatred
A cut to numb
A cut to show the world what we experienced

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Too many cliches, too many problems

Too many people stuck between rocks and hard places lately. And jumping from frying pans to fires. God, I wish I knew you people in real life. Then I could help you out and make out with the girls and have lots of zany, queer fun. But I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Homophobic, no-gay-zone environment vs. lots of hot, hot girls with which to make out. Most of the kids seem okay with gays, but I'm worried about the Albertans and other gay bashers.

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Trying it on for size

Fearing the 14th. Procuring some pride.

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Let me vomit in peace

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Isn't that vierd?

A rant of who I hate and why, and why I am crazy. I don't know why?....................................................................(will the dots ends?)...................(perhaps)................................(then perhaps)..................(not)..

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The Other Me

A piece that came to me while I was sitting in Econ class today, mulling over the ever-prominant fact that none of my friends here know that I'm gay.

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oh god.....i need help pleaseeeee.....

ok so yeah, last night my BEST friend's (since 6th grade and im a freshman in college) boyfriend IMs me. Which isnt abnormal, because we've become friends too. He was acting really nervous and not making much sence. So i'm like "Eddie, would you just tell me whats wrong" So he spits out that fact that he's GAY!

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Indigo Girls Concert

Last night I went to see the Indigo Girls in concert, and they were AWESOME.

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Life is a never endind struggle.Once you think all your problems are behind you,new problems comes to the surface. Somteimes worse than the ones before.Its hard and keeps getting harder by the day.Once,i've wanted to end it all but i'm glad i didn't.That would be giving up on life,the most precious thing to have!I'm not a quiter!I'll keep on fighting!

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