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I was listening to the radio at 9:15 Eastern -- NPR, Saturday morning news -- when they broke into the broadcast to say that NASA had lost contact with the shuttle.

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I was gone, but I'm back! (I used to be "bradw"; now simpler) I've been looking at what's been happening to Oasis, but not really getting into it. This new thing has a more community feel, no? Anyhoo, this betta' not mess with my homework time!

...Please mess with my homework time.

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Finally it's happened to me...

The writing turned on full throttle tonight...

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Whoever said ignorance is bliss was a fucking genius!

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Persoanl Aside: Three reactions to men

Today has been a most interesting day, if for nothing else, I have discovered my three possible reactions with encounters to men: for straight guys, gay guys and sexually ambiguous guys.

....First: an exchange of pleasantries (How are you doing? How is yada yada yada, bullshit bullshit bullshit). Second, he endeavors to learn more about a pleasantry (Who is your prof? Is she any good blah blah blah, yak yak yak). Third, the faux-pas. The whoopsee....

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Sweet Dreams ...

I am going to spend the weekend trying to recover some form of sleeping pattern..

It's going to be .. interesting ..

Hopefully i'll read the second and third harry potter.. and if all goes as planned, order my gamecube (yay!)

Can you believe it makes more sense for me to import an american machine from a GBP retailer than importing it from either america or using the local systems (which are imported from GBP).

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So I'm out among the student population and one of my friends is now dealing with the fact that being my friend (and a totally awesome understanding wonderful person she is) means getting pinned as being gay to. She says she doesn't care, but I do feel this need to go out and find her a guy.

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going down

Cracking my fingers making them spasm

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I'm Baaack!

Well I've missed Oasis but my break was slightly longer as my computer wouldn't let me access the site (when it was still accessible- I know this as I checked at a cyber cafe).
I found a niche in Livejournal also and that numbed the pain somewhat.I haven't stopped writing, have written a *lot* of poetry so will post soon :-)

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First off, lemme say I'm so glad that Oasis is back. I didn't realize i was addicted to it until it went down. But the past is past. And i really like the new layout.

Anyhoo, i live in the midwest in a quaint upper middle class suburb called Carmel. To help give you an insight into my town it would probably help to tell you that the majority of the girls are on the verge of emaciation, straight blond hair, bubble-gum-chewing ditzes and the majority of the guys try to get in touch with their thuggish roots, which none of them have. But in a school of 3500 kids, you're bound to have some cool people and i call them my friends. I am so thankful i have them. I don't know what i would do without them.

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I went on my first photoshoot today.. (*^_^*)
And before you guys start perking up .. yes.. this was one of those fully clothed ones.. thankjoovellymunch!

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late night zombie

well it's like 4am and i can't sleep............. maybe a little too excited over........i dunno what it is though..sigh......if i dun sleep soon i'll never make it to work tomorrow.........

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Grrr Stupid Dubya!

You know, I'm all for helping out other countries, but what about us? Was watching good ole Dubya speak on his new AIDS plan today, 14 different countries are targeted, not the U.S. however. We still have thousands of people being infected with and dying from AIDS and the HIV virus everyday in the U.S. Sure I'm bitter given my history with AIDS, but I'm entitled to my bitterness. When is America g

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random (yet prevalent) thought

Musing on bluntness: I find myself apologizing a lot lately for the things I say, which translates into apologizing for who I am. Why?


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