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looking at people's profiles

why is it that when I try and look at other people's profiles by clicking on who's new, then clicking on view thier profile i allways just see my own?

if this happens to other people or if it doesn't please tell me cus i'm confused


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The forgotten Diary

Bridget Jone's Diary- the forgotten paragraph

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I'm furious now. For the first time I really feel like I hate this place. I feel thae hate that I've had for every other school I've been to running through my vains. I hate the lonliness and I hate the people behind it and tommorow, I'm gonna hate not having a job.

Forty minute ago I found out that the shift schedualing for my camous job happened today. I was gone all day at a workshop and though I knew it was comming up, since the last two shift meeting were on sundays and I hadn't gotten an email about it, I'd be okay. I wasn't there isn't a single shift left that I can take. In other words, I'm fucked.

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invisible breasts

Red Streaks running under my invisible breasts
Looks like I missed my lips when using lip liner
Ribs sticking out like wanna be tits
You would think I was an anorexic bitch
My stomach is a plushy dome
All White and milky
Craters for breasts and Peaks for a belly
Half of me is obese and the rest is non existent
Carve me mold me
Make me pretty

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it is also an artform (2003/02/01)

The dance floor is my second home.

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Umm, I'm a tad bit confuesed!

Yes, I'm new at this. I don't know exactly what to do here! I read a few ppls blogs, and it seemed like a journal. If I have the wrong idea about this, PLEASE let me know. Until I hear something, I'm not going to post anything else! hehe! Thank you in advance!

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'Tis Luke!

Yes, I have returned to Oasis, much to the chagrin of the general public! And yes, my constant, manic updates will persist until someone shoots me through the heart with a silver bullet. Anything new with me? Not really. I'm doing forensics, and having a FABULOUS time! I'm in play acting, and we're doing quite well thus far. A lot of queers in the whole forensics expirience! The high point so far is seeing a pink haired lesbian perform selected scenes from "Twelfth Night" by Shakespear. Also, why are there so many gay plays that are cut into dreadfully done, depressing forensics pieces? Ok, for those of you who are unaquainted with forensics, it's speaking/acting/presenting/etc in competitive form. Basically, it's sports for dorks and assorted theater geeks. Now I am so tired, and I may be going to a party/gathering later in the evening. No worries:)

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hey everyone,

I've been visiting this website for a while, but was always afraid to post or to actully join the community. And when the site crashed (broke, whatever...) I was almost relieved, because that meant I couldnt sneak on my computer to read the stuff all of you have written. Because it meant I didn't have to "come out" because it meant i was alone yet again, and that maybe just maybe I could keep lying to myself for a few more days....

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I woke today around 9:30 in the morning and continued to lay in my bed in a quasi-unconscious type of sleep, the kind where you are just happy to be, free of any distractions, worries, cares. At around 10:30 i decided that i was awake, but not wanting to get out of bed, i turned on my radio. The song had just ended and the dj had cut in.

"This doesn't look like a deliberate act of terrorism..," eyes wide open, ears pricked....

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My reaction to the tragedy of today...

How do you start something about this?

I woke up to the radio announcing the deaths of 7 people.

I think I have to start bluntly, there is no smooth transition to something like this. People were working together; men, women, white people, and black people. They were on their way home on a routine flight.

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I'm not a writer.....

I'm a thief, I must use other people's words to express how I really feel. So here it is.

The News (lyrics by Jack Johnson)

A billion people died on the news tonight
But not so many cried at the terrible sight
Well mamma said, it's just make believe
You can't believe everything you see
So baby close your eyes to the lullabies
On the news tonight

Whos the one to decide that it would be alright

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I was listening to the radio at 9:15 Eastern -- NPR, Saturday morning news -- when they broke into the broadcast to say that NASA had lost contact with the shuttle.

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