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WOW this feels nice

It's been really weird spending time without being able to write here. It's like this strady thing in my life has been taken away and now it's just so weird coming back. I hope to write more later but its jsut nice to be writing something.

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It's Great to be Back!!!

I'm not sure if anyone missed me, but I'm very glad to be back at Oasis. The new site's looking great so far! Yay! So much, yet so little has happened since that fatal day when we couldn't write anymore...

This is enough for now, as I have a mountain of homework to do, but I will probably come back later and attempt to fill anyone who's interested in on my life.



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Well this seems pretty cool.. i'm guessing the personal sites will be something like... xanga or something...

Thanks to all those taking the time to bring this back up :)



TrueNorth, formerly known as NorthernLights, who was before that TrueNorth .. wah!

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Oasis is back! Wheeee!

So here we are at the new Oasis, I must say I'm impressed...
Perhaps it was for the better that the old one burned out in a blaze of semi glory.... Too bad a lot of people lost a lot of stuff, (or at least I assume they did.)

So, I've already got an idea for a 'avatar' pic, but it's a gif and it's too big, by only 5k! Woe is I.... I need to find myself a good gif editor and shrink it a bit.

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It's good to be back..

DiamondDog arrives from D.C. to a new Oasis.

"You get used to having to defend yourself and your life everyday, or hiding for fear of the real repercussions we face everyday. People who worked with me saw me as the strong fighter that I am first and saw my sexual preference as merely an attribute that has nothing to do with how I work or what kind of a leader I can be. This is one of the greatest victories I've had."

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I are just testing somfink.

*evil maniacal grin*

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Ten out of Ten!!!!

Ten out of Ten - the queerest interview of them all!
They say one in ten of the general population is queer. So we're in the minority. Now - if my math is correct - ten out of ten Oasis users are queer. So we're in the majority! To celebrate, I've decided to start a useless interview section where I print a list of questions and you all take turns answering them. I'm not going to be elitist and choose one person a week - I hate things like that. So instead, please paste the questions into a comment and post those darn commens below!(If you've already done one on the last site, I've still got it!) Then we'll have a little archive of daft information! I've tried not to duplicate any of the sort of information we might put in our bios.

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