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I got kicked out!

Thursday December 14

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Anyone Else Want to Try Their Hand at Sci-Fi or Fantasy Writing?

Hi Guys!

Sadly, I had a couple of people drop out of the Samers Guild Project yesterday. Though we will miss them, it does leave some room for a couple more people. So if you're interested in trying to write a Sci-Fi or Fantasy story, go ahead and email me the following to me at

First Name
A Little Blurb About You

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Heads Up Guys!

Hey Guys!

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Poem: To A Pale Prince

I'm going to be using this poem in a short story I'm working on, but I couldn't resist sharing it with you guys now, since anybody who has ever crushed on a straight boy or girl (or anyone that didn't return their feelings) should be able to identify with it.

To A Pale Prince

How can I begin
To say what can’t be said?
I feel what can’t be felt
And want what can’t be had.

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New Cover for Orphan's Quest

I just have to show you guys the awesome new cover of Orphan's Quest. It was designed by our own Underdarkness and may look familiar to you becaue it was adapted from the same picture that he uses as his avatar. I wat to give him serious props for adapting it beautifully to my needs when the artwork I had originally commissioned didn't pan out. Anyway, here it is:

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December 12, 2006 (Tuesday)

Things are going well I suppose. * told her parents she failed college. Of course it wasn't easy but she's already planning on attending another college in Febrauray. I don't know how exactly we are going to see eachother but it seems like everything will work out. I saw her on Sunday night for about 30 or 40 minutes. It was nice. I reall don't like that she smokes though.

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Jan 2

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Thursday November 30th, 2006

Last night I asked her if she wanted "us" to be forever and I can't quote what she said but it was really the sweetest thing. Sometimes I worry that I'm actually going to be the one to tell her bye. I don't want to but how can I be sure my feelings won't change? I love her though.

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Wed. November 29, 2006

All of this stuff is harder to deal with than I thought. It's affecting my life- which I guess it should... because "I" am my life and I am.. me. I'm not sure what to do. Fornow, I'm really focusing on what's gonna happen in June, or after graduation. I'm planning on living in San Antonio in the summer- really the reason I want to go is to be with *...

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My 1st Entry

Well I was writing this journal because I hoped to one day publish it... "Growing up as..." Then after some thought, a journal like this is not something to just have lying around. If my parents or the wrong person found it, who knows what would happen? So, I forgot how I came across this website, but here I am...

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Here's a sonnet I wrote in 1990. I don't know how much you'll be able to identify with it, since you're all so much younger, but I like it, and it seemed appropriate for Winter and New Years and all that jazz.


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Five Parentally Challenged Young People Helped, Hopefully More To Come

I'm very happy. So far, five of you have taken me up on my offer for a free download of Orphan's Quest. I know I know, I'm not making any money giving away freebies. But just the fact that kids are reading it who would be otherwise unable to makes me extremely glad.

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Feel Like Crap Today, Expecting More of Same Tonight

As I predicted yesterday, I wound up staying up until 6am this morning writing. Then my nephew and his new wife and my neice and her two kids came over. I was as sociable as I could possibly manage, but I really wanted just to be in bed. Oh well, they're gone now, so I can turn on the tv and nap in the chair for the rest of the afternoon.

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I'm Bored, Yet I'm Also Procrastinating

Okay, I should be writing, because book two is not progressing as quickly as I want. Instead, I'm sitting here, bored to tears, instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Why is that sometimes we'll do absolutely anything to avoid doing the things we know we're supposed to do? I mean, I have the best job in the world, for Pete's sake. Sometimes though, I just can't bring myself to do it.

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This Has NOT Been the Best Christmas Ever

My Christmas experience this year was kind of disappointing. The stuff I got so - most of the clothes didn't fit and have to be returned, and my mom had hinted that she got me something really neat for Christmas. I'm not certain if she was refering to the goose down mattress cover or the cookbook. Both were fine presents, but neither had a real "Oh wow" quality to it. But that's okay.

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