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German class, lost wallet and keys, came out to random kid.

Busy day yesterday. That's why I didn't get a chance to post this morning, not likely that any of you noticed, of course. HAHA, self decimating humor!

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OMG my dad is ashamed of me...

So, the other day I asked dad if I could go to a gay youth group in the area (Thnx to Jeff) and he said, "okay". So, I ask him about it the next day and he says, I haven't had a chance to. So, I shrug and ask him again TODAY and he stilll hasn't. Now, normally that would just mean I have a forgetful dad.

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Horrific Homo Hormones

So, I wrote about a crush on a straight guy recently. yeah. I think he's actually bi. YAY! He's also a cross-dresser... Which is okay, just unusual for me.
Also, I've got this OTHER friend I'm crushing on, and I'm almost sure he ISN'T straight. He hangs out with me a lot, andis REALLY helpful and REALLY friendy. Matbe I'm just being hopeful though.

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Girl who likes me...

I think this girl at my school has a crush on me. I don't know how to respond to this, because I don't EVER want to cause her any pain, she's very kind. But, I promised myself I would never date someone that I don't have feelings for, because that REALLY hurts. So does anyone have an idea on how to tell her, gently, that I don't feel the same way she does if she asks me out?

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I wish I were straight some days....

But, then the feeling always passes. Anyways, time for something completely unrelated.

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I hate christmas parties...

So, my parents were having our big mostly-annual christmas yrsterday. More like mostly-anal christmas party. Don't get me wrong, I just don't like parties. I have a slight case of social phobia. But My mom was like, SUPER obsesso about everything has to be perfect and erase that pink triangle on your calendar board, it was just too much.
Of course I did like the cookies.

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I feel rather lonely.

recently, when I wake up, I have felt very lonely. It especially happens when someone is talking about a happy relationship they are involved in. I told this to a straight friend of mine, and he said, "Easy, just ask some girl out, doesn't have to be a guy." But I feel like that would be wrong, seeing as I am not attracted to any girls at the moment.

Are you afraid to come out?

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Already out.
46% (6 votes)
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We Are All Disappointed About Prop 8, but...

...don't forget that gay marriage is now legal in Connecticut (and of course Massachusetts). Here's a story about it:

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The dark side of the moon is with us always. (part one)

I find that often, the most mysterious thing are the things that are most remembered.
Truly, for the mercy of God is totally unfair, we do not deserve it, yet we acquire it.
Not to mention, the unconditional love of our mothers and fathers is, for the most part, always with us.
Am I trying to act like a preacher? by no means. I am taking what I believe and stating it for all to see.

Do you care about me?

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Who are you?
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Art Carney.
13% (1 vote)
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oh my fug.

i just had 15 paragraphs typed on here.

and i accidentally pressed "back"


i hate this!

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:] nothing major to blog about today.
except i might be going to see anthony again soon.
and Friday, i think, i'm going to meet him.
when i went to see him last night, he couldn't come out after the show b/c of a promo he had to do and it would take an hour. (it was after 10 by the time my mom & i got downstairs to wait for him)

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anthony rapp & other stuff

alright, i just got back from seeing Without You live.
my mother even described it as beautiful.
i cried during every song (especially the ones about his mom)

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