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Login problem fixed

Hey guys, just a note to let you know that the login issue we were experiencing earlier has been resolved.

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Meet yin and yang

I recently adopted 2 little kittens.

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i want sylar inside me.

that is all =)

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What a very strange evening.

At 3 in the morning I get a knock on my door. My front door is inaccessible btw.
I open up , and it turns out it's the police. In full cop garb.

Turns out we had forgotten to lock the security gate after mr delivery left last night, and they were just checking in to see if everything was ok.

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I feel dirty .. I'm addicted to cats.

I'm usually allergic to internet memes, but what the hell is it about cute cat pictures that turn grown men into piles of mush.

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Thou shalt always kill

I love this..

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I've decided to get a black kitten

... so i can call him Hitler Bin Laden Seacrest

Either that or one of those hairless breeds , so i can call her Full Brazilian =P

I just got a whole set of black suede furniture, so there's no way i can get a non black cat.

BTW: I enabled anonymous comments on oasis, and we have a spiffy new spam catcher.

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Yay, i have a hot date this weekend.

So i was browsing gaydar the other night, and I found the profile for an old friend of mine , that I hadn't seen in years (ever since we used to do the drug orgy thing together).

I contacted him, and it turns out he is moving to cape town this week, plus he is single now.

So we are meeting up for sushi.

He's also really hot, and he's a doctor =)

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Oasis Magazine is back!

We're back in the land of living!

The site was down for the last several days due to a complication in the move to the new server we now reside on.

Basically, the server we were on was meant to be decommissioned at the end of January, but due to a technical issue, it was accidentally decommissioned 2 weeks early.

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So my door bell rang just now ..

and it's these two HOT surfer guys
"we just moved in across the street, and wanted to invite you to our housewarming party tonight"
does that sound like the start of a porn film or what

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Lucifer is my new role model

Recently I read the entire series of DC Comic's Lucifer series, and I was absolutely blown away by how awesome it was.

Apart from being steeped deep in mythology, and telling more of one of my favorite sandman character's story , Lucifer himself was an absolutely delightful character. I also loved Elaine and gaudium.

Anyone else into comic books?

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Upgraded the members page.

I just finished making a visual update to the profile list page, which will now far more cleanly list the users.

Remember, you need to be logged in to view this page.

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That was a little bit of a Faux Pas

I just realized the gender field on the user profiles only gave you the option of being male or female.

That's completely unforgivable for a site that is meant for people struggling with gender issues.

I've added mtf transexual, ftm transexual as well as none of the above, as options.

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Just watched Shortbus

The new film by John Cameron Mitchell (AKA Hedwig, from Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

It's an x-rated drama / comedy, with tons of real , unsimulated, incredibly graphic sex scenes. The simple fact is, it's not really a porn film, as the sex is kind of integral to the story.

Any attempt to censor the film would completely destroy it, but as it stands, it's one of the most earnest and frank portrayals of human sexuality I've ever seen.

Also makes me wish we had a shortbus club where I live =)