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wow, I haven't written anything in here in so long. My time has been filled up by the useless trials of school. A lot has changed...kind of. I have girlfriend. ::sighs:: And I love my little pudding dish. She is so cute ::giggles:: I love her. I want to see her again. We see each other, go a week.. talk on the phone all week then finally see each other. Its like in prinson when you have those congecal visits.

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Girls, girls, girls!

::grin:: Ariel, Might just have a girlfriend. Yay! Anyway, I don't really know. Went out with her yesterday she was soooo shy it was sooooooo cute, she told me she wanted to "hang out" with me again. Ha ha. Aww soo sweet. Even, better she lives close to me! I want her to get on line so I can talk to her again.
Only, there is Pudding Dish, a girl in Boston..who I think I may have lead on a bit too much. But I like her too, Damnit. I like both of them.. what to do what to do. Then, again I hardly know either of them.. so I don't know what may happen in the future. Hopefully good things!

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Valentines- the day after

Hm. well. in 9 days it would have been my one year with Siskia. But it's not. Shucks, and damn that. I haven't talk to her in a while, and when I do she always seems to bring up something about our relationship. Something BAD, and that really gets to me. I mean really. ggrrr. I would make this longer, but frankly, I want to go eat.

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