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FCKH8 and job stuff

The other week, I went out to some garage sales with my mom and bought a nice clock for two bucks; which I realize probably doesn't sound all that exciting but mine broke months ago and I was procrastinating on buying one, so I was using my cellphone as an alarm clock but then I went and killed that in the wash, so this was an awesome buy. So, anyways, the most interesting besides my AWESOME buy, was that while we were walking up a street, I noticed there was a van that had one of those FCKH8 stickers on its bumper. It made me smile.

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What have I got myself into?!?!

My sister, the one who got married nearly year ago, created an "event" on Facebook. It seems to be like a reunion of sorts for the girls who went to her bachelorette party last year. I pressed "Attending" WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Please, let me remind you what happened at last year's event...

Forced to use penis straws. I refused. Anyways, I was drinking a cooler. I do not drink coolers with straws. Not ever.

Male sex doll was brought out. AWKWARD.

Everyone posed with said sex doll. AWKWARD.

I was told to pose with said sex doll. I DENIED. I was not drunk enough.

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I am quite certain that our internet has been cut down to the lowest Robbers Rogers plan. I can tell just by how slow the Youtube videos load. Seriously, you know what 27 bucks gets you here in Ontario, Canada? A two GB bandwidth usage cap. HAHAHAH. So goodbye, Tumblr! I'll blow through that in like 8 days, and that's with me being careful. I'm hoping to switch to Teksavvy cable, because for the same price we'd get a 300GB cap. They're a wholesaler, so they actually play fair with the prices unlike Robbers.

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Anyone ever put their cellphone or other electronic device in the washing machine? Cause I accomplished that today. *facepalm* I put it in a bowl of rice in an attempt to save it, but I don't think it's likely. Especially since it was on when it went in the wash. hah. Oh wells.

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I think most of us have heard or read at one point or another, some ignorant person say something along the lines of, "Women can't have sex with each other, they need a man to fuck them!" AMIRITE? But in reality most women can't orgasm by intercourse alone. Here look at this quote, "Only 20 percent of women are able to orgasm with intercourse alone, most women need some sort of direct clitoral stimulation." So like... you people have your information wrong.

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Bad stuff happened today but maybe it's a good thing

Me and my parents have been living in another family member's house since we moved a while back. Things took a turn for the worst back then and my parents could no longer work in their chosen professions (and therefore couldn't afford the bills), so they moved here when a family member offered them to live in her house (which she wasn't currently using because she her job moved her elsewhere) and pay what they could. Today that family member lost her job and shit's about to go downhill real fast. I think. I mean, I can only imagine. I'm stressed out, my parents are stressed out.

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I fell asleep like an old lady in the living room this evening. When I woke up, Grey’s Anatomy was on, and I knew it was the wedding episode, so I decided to watch it. I’ve watched a few episodes here and there, but I don’t watch every week. So my mom was away from the TV doing other things for most of the episode but she sat down and watched the last ten or fifteen minutes. AND OMG, GUESS WHAT?! When Callie and Arizona kissed she didn’t say “Ew” like a child nor did she say some variation of, “Why do there have to be gay people on every show?”

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Too much to tell you guys!!!!

Guys hit on me tonight! Whaaaat?!?!?! After all I ended up going out clubbing with my oldest sister, nephew (19), nephew's new new girlfriend, and sister's friends.

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Let's start with the good, shall we?

Okay, I had a super duper amazingly good dream this morning. I had a girlfriend and she looked like Jennifer Lawrence! Or was Jennifer Lawrence. I'm not sure. It was really sweet. And, you know, a couple of weeks ago I had dream about Natalie Portman. But that one was a little less... innocent. hah. Basically if you've seen the sex scene in Black Swan, I was in Mila Kunis's position. I don't have sex dreams very often and I've never had a dream like that about a celebrity before so it was pretty weird.

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So it's been a year

My sister unexpectedly showed up today. She came to take flowers to our brother’s grave since it’s been a year since we found out he’d passed away. Though to be honest, I didn’t even know it was. Those weeks are honestly pretty much a complete blur for me. I was going to go check the stuff I wrote back then about how I was feeling in order to check the date, but I can’t even bring myself to do that. I know I’m just gonna fall apart. I’m already crying, so it’s not like it would matter, but I don’t want to drag all that stuff up, especially this late.

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My night

I cried while watching the Oscars. Sounds completely pathetic, I realize that. It was during the memoriam. It was a combination of the singing, song, and the photos. I wasn't crying for those people, but I just... in the middle of it, I just started thinking about my brother who passed away near the beginning of last year, and it all came out. My mom walked by and my immediate reaction was to cover up my face so she couldn't see. It's like, ever since his death, everything's just easier to connect to, and easier to cry about.

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Creepy porn Tumblrs

Anybody have any advice on free photo editing software? I keep hearing about and GIMP. I can in no way afford Photoshop, so what's the best alternative?

Oh, and this porn blog started following me on Tumblr yesterday. Tonight it's just been kinda...creepy. This blog has liked my last 3 posts. *shiver* I just find it really creepy for some reason. So I switched my pic back to a South of Nowhere icon (It was formerly a picture of me). This made me long for Oasis and it's non-porn posts and non-creepy people.

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If I weren't so insecure about my writing, I'd review one of those movies

So besides that... I have this friend. I've known him for years. Actually forever. He's a family member and close to my age. So anyways, the thing is, I've always thought he was bisexual. He dated quite a few girls growing up. had a long term girlfriend until recently, they were together for over 3 years. Now he has another one. So although he dated girls, I'm pretty much positive that he had something going on with the boy next door when we were kids. Back then I just knew and I was fine with it. They were best friends and I don't know, I just always knew they crossed the line of friendship.

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I can't remember the 5th, shit

The dreams I've had about you guys...

The last one I had was a couple nights ago and it featured... holahaveamuffin18. I have pretty much no idea what happened in that one and it really pisses me off that I can't. I should've written what little I could remember down in the morning, but I've gotten lazy with that. Anyways, we were in some old place. That's about all I remember. lol. You had brown hair. Have fun now that you know some creepy stranger from across the planet has had a dream about youuu! lol.

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I've now had dreams about 5 people on Oasis. haha. Evidently, even if I'm not on here regularly, you guys are in my thoughts. Like last night! Has anyone else had dreams about people on Oasis? The weird thing is sometimes, like the last one, I don't even know what they look like...yet, I know it's them in the dream. hah. It's just weird...

I haven't been on in a while. Keep meaning to write a journal because I feel like I need to write some things down, but I just never end up doing it. Don't really know why. Though, perhaps tomorrow.

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