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This is the thanks I get

Our family finally had our Christmas get together today. Me and my parents bought my oldest sister a couple of fantasy books like she suggested we buy. This is like a half hour ago(2am-ish): I'm downstairs with my oldest nephew (who is only a few years younger than me) and his mom (my oldest sister) and we're watching LOTR and she says softly to him "they're stupid books, I'll never read them....but at least she got me books." Oh, wow. FUCKING wow. Could you insult me a little more? Like WHAT THE FUCK?

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On a lighter, gamier note...

I bought that game that I was talking about a while back, Dragon Age: Origins.....and it's BLOODY awesome. It's probably one of my favourite Xbox 360 games so far, next to Oblivion, of course. It's an RPG and very Lord of The Rings-ish, with Elves, Dwarves, some crappy Humans, and swords and magic. And, like Mass Effect, you can romance someone. In this game, though, you can romance someone of the same-sex no matter which gender you are.

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Let me just rant before I eat

I think I'll just skip Christmas next year...seriously. Well, by that I mean only give/receive gifts with my parents. I'm starting to resent my two older sisters much like my dad already does. First, all week there's been this back and forth FB messaging between myself and my two sisters on them trying to figure out when they can come for our family Christmas get together. Which I don't mind, I get that they're busy with work and everything, but then the past couple days it's just been annoying because they haven't been writing back quickly and I WANT TO FLIPPING KNOW WHEN TO EXPECT YOU!!!

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It's my Birthday!

I'm officially 22 years old today. Man, I'm getting old. lol. We had a bunch of things happening at school today and then I came home and I found out my parents won $500 from the lottery, how great is that? It couldn't have come at a better time, either, with Christmas just around the corner and everything. It was a good day =)

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She is SO cute

I was in class today and my crush, well one of them, came to sit beside me to talk. Okay, we were just talking about school stuff, but still.... :) Anyways, she was praising me a bit on how good I'm doing in class (99% average in Mechanics of English) and stuff and I was just: "Wow, she is SO cute!". I can't freaking stand it! I thought I was kinda over her, I mean the stigma attached to this crush is enough for me to wish it away, but then today it all came rushing back. She was just sitting there beside me laughing away and I'm just....melting. *Ahem* Just a bit.

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I feel sick to my stomach

I'm so messed up right now because my dad is mad at my sisters. One of them because she's putting all this stress on him and the other because she didn't send him a card on his Birthday last August. It was his 60th. Now I'm worried that she told me to wish him a happy b-day and I just forgot. Because I know I did that for Fathers Day (YES, I know bad on me!). I forgot because there was so much going on at the time. She told me via Facebook (I hate you FB, btw). I checked my messages and the Fathers day one is still there along with a few others, but there isn't one mentioning his b-day.

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I think I've found what I'm asking for this Christmas!! Dragon Age: Origins! A role playing game. Has anyone played it? I've been reading about it and watching some videos online for the past hour and it looks and sounds really, really good. Good storyline and you get to make choices like in Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls/Fallout 3. Also, I've heard that it has romances too. And, get this, you can have gay and lesbian romances!! That pretty much sealed the deal for me. Eeee!! I'm actually really excited to play it.

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I feel bad...

I talked to my older brother on the phone today. It was the first time in nearly a year. Now I feel bad :/ He's mentally ill, Schizophrenic, and, well, it's a long story, but he lived with us for about 5 years and those years were pretty hellish. He was on and off his meds and also drank. A lot. Not a good mixture. We had our ups and downs. So, I was talking to him today for a bit and he sounded really well. I just wish we could go down and visit him before Christmas, and while he's still happy and in a good place.

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Not sure if I can wait till Jan 21 for the new season of Skins. I just want Naomi and Emily back :)

I'm trying to watch 90210 in the mean time, but dammit if they make that difficult. I don't give a crap about ANY of the characters. Not really anyways....I liked Silver but she's changed. I guess Adrianna (I think that's her name) is about the only one who I actually sorta like. But that's only cause she's gone through a *good* change.

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Want to play???

Playing the Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360) demo right now. It's so much fun!! :) Except for the occasional jackass that goes burzurk and starts shooting his OWN teammates. lol.

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Which Religion should you follow

Religion Flowchart Pictures, Images and Photos

I got atheist. lol.

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What can you do?

Don't really know what to do with the whole buying a nice new computer thing. My mom and I went to Walmart and I was looking at the couple that they have there. Then when I came home I heard my dad complaining to my mom when he found out I was planning on spending my money on a computer. Or more so that I'm planning to spend so much. It was ridiculous. He's saying all this stuff in the moment about "when shit hits the fan and we have no money"...blah, blah, blah., apparently I'm NOT supposed to spend my money on anything I want or need.

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I actually look forward to school

It's not something I'm used to. I guess it's a combination of enjoying the longass bus ride there(and back) and the fact that I'm actually doing quite well. Plus, you know, the crush helps. It's really weird. I annoy myself whenever she's around because I get so nervous and tense and I can't quite concentrate. But I LOVE the feeling I get when I talk to her. Well, when I'm NOT making a fool of myself, anyways.

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Good signs in my dreams

If you remember earlier this week I wrote about a dream I had which involved my crush giving me a gift for my birthday. Apparently, dreaming about my birthday means that I completely accept myself. How cool is that? It made me happy :)

The meaning of the gift was : "suggests your good luck in prosperity and love. You are being recognized for a job well done and others are respecting you for it."

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Sweet Transvestite

Tonight for the first time I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. And with my mommy. Haha. It was AWESOME. Tim Curry bloody rocks! His fits were hilarious.

And Susan Sarandon wasn't so bad either :D

Although I have to say I would've liked to have seen Magenta and Columbia get together. But that's the romantic lesbian in me :)

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