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Sweet Transvestite

Tonight for the first time I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. And with my mommy. Haha. It was AWESOME. Tim Curry bloody rocks! His fits were hilarious.

And Susan Sarandon wasn't so bad either :D

Although I have to say I would've liked to have seen Magenta and Columbia get together. But that's the romantic lesbian in me :)

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Only in my dreams

Last night's dream had Crush # 2 in it. Also my mom was having an affair. lol, back to the crush. After all the silly stuff about my mom, it was my birthday and my parents had this table of stuff all set up with, what I'm going to call, birthday crap. Then sometime later C#2 came over to wish me a happy birthday and so we were alone in my room and she handed me a bag of worn Hoodies. Now I have NO clue what these hoodies represent but I felt like they represented something, I can't really explain it. And why were they used/worn? Then she got up and said she had something else for me.

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Spashley - Spencer = Ashley

I just found out that the girl that played Ashley on South Of Nowhere is going to play a lesbian on 90210! For at least an episode anyways. She's going to play Rumor Willis's ex-girlfriend. Yippee!!! I personally find 90210 fairly hard to watch because many of the characters have this ugly backstabbing side to them and plus they turned my favourite character, Silver, into this big whiner over Dixon. Lame. But I have been watching the second season on the weekends because, well honestly, there's nothing else on.

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Me, nervous? Nah...

On Friday, at the end of the school day, I was walking down the hall to my locker when I saw the girl, who I'll refer to as "Crush # 2", was walking in my direction so I see her and immediately look away and turn right to my locker.

Her -----> "Have a good weekend Ashley"
Me ------> Turns head away from locker to look at her, says "You too" and looks away as quickly as humanly possible.

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I can taste the madness dripping from your tongue

So, last night I had a dream about this girl who I sortakinda have a crush on. At first I was with my parents at this huge mall. And so later on I was running through it and I was really ecstatic and happy for some reason, I can't remember why. And I ran through this food court place and as I was running out I noticed her and she said something and I said something back and after I ran out the door I realized it was a dream. You ever have that? Where all of a sudden you realize that you're having a dream so you just go off and do whatever you want before you wake up?

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Gaydar...'s actually listed as a real word in the dictionary. I totally didn't know that until today and I was bored in class so I was just skipping through the dictionary looking up random words. Hah.

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Dear, Otep

You're awesome!

Luv, Ashley.

:D :D :D

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So, what do you do if you get really nervous around people? You know, like, girls you kinda like? I'm finding it kind of hard to concentrate in class because I'm so in my head all the time. I'm constantly thinking about things and then this girl enters the room, and this is a bad crush one I shouldn't have but can't help it, and I get all stuck and thinking this is bad, stop thinking about her! And of course I don't think liking girls is a bad thing....just liking a woman who happens to be a teacher is. Or well, she's really more of a helper sort of thing.

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Umm....teacher dream? Wtf?, I had a dream where I was flirting with one of my college teachers. LOL. And she was flirting back ;) Ummmm...this has NEVER happened to me. I've never had a crush on a teacher before. Until now I guess....although I'm not sure if it is a crush. OR if my mind just wants a crush so it's picking the woman that I've had the most interaction with lately. Weird. Put your hand up if you've had a crush on a teacher!

BTW, she's not like 50 or anything. From my guesstamation she's only like 5-10 years older than me. I don't think she's over 30. lol.

Gawd, I'm badd. lol.

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Damn you you stupid crush!

Had a pretty great day today. My college had a free barbecue today at lunch so I was sitting there all alone when my crush or maybe former crush now...came over and sat with me. Arr. She was making conversation and I was being...well, less awkward than I was a few months ago. Haha.

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Helen Of Troy

The other day my dad was talking about the movie Troy and he was saying how when we first went to see it in the theaters he thought the woman who played Helen of Troy was SO beautiful and he thought there was something really special about her. And the WHOLE time he's telling me this I'm going in my head "God, dad I Know! I know!!!! I was thinking the Exact same thing! If only I could tell you...". Hahaha.

I'm in the closet.

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Ellen on American Idol?

So....apparently Paula Abdul isn't going to be a judge on American Idol anymore so Ellen DeGeneres is going to take over Paula's seat. That seems like kind of a weird move doesn't it? Not that I'm a HUGE American Idol fan or anything but I've watched a few seasons and I like it...sorta. I think I'm going to miss Paula's weirdness...

Thoughts? Do you like the change?

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Skins US

Well, since I know there's a *few* of us Skins fans on here I just thought I'd share this:

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