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This summer...

I had a really good summer this year. Probably the most enjoyable and least stressful in a very long time.

I got to watch a ton of movies thanks to the library. The last really good one being Being John Malkovich. It was sooooo good. A little over hyped but still really good cause it was so weird. Plus the two women falling in love certainly didn't hurt ;) Even if the one woman was a total bitch throughout most of the movie. lol.

Video Games I finally finished:
The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (+ Started Shivering Isles expansion)
Mass Effect

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Home troubles are a'comin back

Earlier today my mom and dad had been on the bus and long story short my dad basically yelled at my mom and called her an asshole a few times in front of ALL the strangers on the bus. Then they were sitting together for a while and then he moved to a completely different row. When they got home she told him how embarrassed she felt and everything and he hasn't spoken to her since. This was all because she didn't buy a newspaper on the bus (she thought he was going to). stupid.

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"How will you determine who's homosexual?....Will you be sucking them off?"

I watched Milk...finally. I happened to be at the library at the right time the other day and it was waiting for me right on the shelf. It was really good. It was neat to see his story (or part of it at least part of it) played out like that so all of us could all see what he went through and learn more about Harvey Milk.

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Darth Maul kicks....well you know what ;)

I had sooooo much fun this weekend. Ahh...David was over and we just had an amazingly good time just hanging out. He's the person that I find easiest to talk to because we can joke around about anything. He's not overtly sensitive or anything and we're both really sarcastic, specially me =) We dragged out my trusty old Gamecube and played Sims 2 a lot of the time cause it's way too funny when we're on the multiplayer and try to burn down the house, lol. And make our sims be total whores! lol.

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Ferris wheel of death!

Mwahahaha! kidding :D They've got this fair kind of thing going on just down the street from my house. They've got a bunch of rides including the spinner one which is my absolute favourite since I was a kid. It makes other people nauseous, it makes me happy :) It brings me back to when I used to go to this fair thing that was held at the park near my old house every once in a while. I remember one time my sister took me and my nephew and our next door neighbours/friends and we went in the spinner thing. I took the absolute wrong seat and got totally squashed.

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Dirty Dancing

And so the day has come when Hollywood has decided that my most beloved movie ever needs to be remade. Yes, someone has decided that it would be a smart idea to remake Dirty Dancing. Because apparently the sequel wasn't failure enough so now it's time to completely remake the original. Blech....I can't believe they are remaking it. I Love that movie, I have since I was a kid. They can try but nothing, to me, will ever be anything close to how good the original.

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Bridesmaid in a year

So, my sister was planning to have a winter wedding in January but has now decided to change it because of the way that the economy is and everything. So, now she's aiming for next summer. Now here's what I've been thinking about the past few months. I've been thinking how nice it would be to have someone to go with to the wedding, seeing as I'm going to be a bridesmaid and all. It would just be really cool to share the experience and all the romanticness that is weddings. The last wedding I went to was my oldest sister's and that was 9 years ago and before I knew I was gay.

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Q: How do you know you're a lesbian?

A: You're 13, you spend the night in a tent with three boys with no parental supervision and nothing happens. haha. True story. Although I'm not exactly sure how old I was but it was somewhere around 13 and with boys around my age. A couple were a little younger and one a year older. We were all friends and we were camping out in D's backyard for the night. Goes to show how much my parents trusted me at that point too.

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A little's enough

When all is said and done
Will we still feel pain inside?
Will the scars go away with night?
Try to smile for the morning light
It's like the best dream to have
Where everything is not so bad
Every tear is so alone
Like God himself is coming home

To say I
I can do anything, If you want me here
And I can fix anything, If you'll let me near
Where are those secrets now
That you're too scared to tell
I whisper them all aloud
So you can hear yourself

Green trees were the first sign
The deepest blue, the clearest sky
The silence came with brightest eyes

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Covered in dust

I moved 10 months ago and I've done more in the past 10 months than I probably did in the previous 4 years. I finished two job workshop thingys. I took a two month college program. I had the opportunity to work in a pet grooming place for a day and try that job out which was awesome. And I'm starting my prepatory college program in September. But in the process of moving hours away I lost my friends (although I still talk to them through messengers, ect) and I'm in the process of making new friends as I try to crawl my way out of the shell I call home.

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If I were to get married tomorrow...

I'd want this to be the song I'd dance to with my wife...whomever she would be:

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Back to school

In a few weeks I'll be starting my second college program. Well, really I guess it's a prepotory program but....yeah, going back to school. Which is kind of intimidating. I've been out of high school for almost 5 years. Which makes me sound incredibly old. Well, I'm 21 so hopefully I'm not too old for Oasis. You guys would tell me right??? haha. I still need you all and I like it here so I hope you don't all kick me out :) I'm sure I'll have LOTS of crushes to report to you when I'm in college. Including my return crush on the girl from Guatemala ;D Anyways...

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I love this video for the past season of Skins. It's so well done.

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If you liked South Of Nowhere + Spashley you would probably like this show called Skins, like I did. They had a really nice and quite sweet love story develop between two of the girls this season. If you're looking for a sweet gay love storyline I think you should give this show a shot...

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Heavenly Creatures

Have you watched it???

I watched it with my mom last night...can you say awkward? Cause that was incredibly awkward. All on my part though, I'm sure. With the girls kissing and stuff. I don't even remember there being that much kissing in the movie but it sure seemed like there was an awful lot of it. Especially after they are chased by "Orson Welles" and they reenact how their saints would "make love". Anyways it was awkward for me to watch it with her, who I'm used to hearing her say "eww" every time gay people kiss EVER. But she didn't we just sat in darkness and watched the movie.

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