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Movies and Summer

Just watched was kinda boring. Very typical and I basically knew what was going to happen. So...that was disappointing. Plus I found the main character, I don't know, but I just didn't like him. Watching him watching/peeping at the girl next door was very eww to me. I know that's sort of the point but...yeah....I didn't like the way it was done. At all. And the whole romance was just yeah....kinda cringe inducing. And I can watch straight romance but this was just yuck to me. I guess cause he turned me off so much and I don't know I just didn't like it. Anyways...

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V For Vendetta

Is that not one of the best movies made in 2000s or is it just me? I LOVE that movie! I watched it...again the other night and I enjoyed it soooooooooooooo much. I can't even describe in words how much I enjoyed. I just did, you know? And that part where Evey is reading the gay woman's story is so beautiful. I just...I don't know how in the world to describe it. It just sort of touched me. It is so well done. It just really got to me this time. Ahhh....and I was watching it with my mom and I was almost just waiting for her to say something but...she didn't. The woman kiss. Twice!

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"The gayest man on earth would call this over the top"

This is by far THE best spoof I've ever watched!

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Can I borrow $500???

Oh, boy. My good computer died on me yet again. Not sure if it's ever going to come back this time. I'm pretty sure it's not. I'm back to using my sister's old decrepit computer with a tiny screen to boot. lol. I just wish I had the money to buy a new computer. I wish I had found a job this summer. Most of all I kinda wish that my parents had got a van so that we could go work at the flea markets again this summer. Last summer I made a good amount of money selling used video games and old consoles, as well as Pokemon cards.

Which web browser do you prefer?

Internet Explorer
33% (5 votes)
33% (5 votes)
13% (2 votes)
7% (1 vote)
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Total votes: 15
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I never knew that you could trust strangers more than your own family

Okay, so, last month I was really frustrated with my dad for spending what little money we had on a bottle of booze. If you remember I was so frustrated that I wrote an insanely long journal about it to vent. See here : I was also so frustrated that I actually let my older sister know what was going on. Which I never let any of my siblings or family really know what's really happening cause you know it's like gossip. I tell her, she tells my other sister and eventually it'll come back to haunt me. So, what happened?

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I hate people who reveal spoilers without warning me first

Dammit....I REALLY dislike the people on Facebook right now. I was on the Facebook page for Big Brother and someone made a comment on one of the discussion boards about something totally unrelated and something that hasn't even been shown on TV yet! Arg....come on! See, some people have the live internet feeds so they can watch everything that's happening in the house and now they are revealing these things on the boards and it's totally ruining it for me because I love watching Big Brother on TV...I actually look forward to it.

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I love this band Otep. The woman who fronts the band, Otep Shamaya, is awesome, outspoken, cool...and she's gay! Haha, not that that's why I like her...Seriously though, she's just got a crazy singing voice. This is their new song which I love:

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Big Brother

YAY!!!!!!!! My favourite person on Big Brother got saved from eviction tonight!! I'm actually surprised but a good kind of surprised :) It looked like Lydia was going to get sent packing this week, but she's not so yay!! I like her a lot because she seems pretty nice and cool and just like a really neat person in general. Plus check out her tattoos:

Lydia Pictures, Images and Photos

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Will & Grace

So, I'm watching Will & Grace with my parents and my dad is the one that put it on right. So we're sitting there and I'm enjoying it, because well I love the show, and my parents aren't really watching it they are mostly talking. And then my dad goes "Oh, I think this where I started getting turned off this show and I couldn't watch it anymore...Yeah, Michael Douglas, Blech..." in a disgusted sort of way. And then he changed the channel.

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Fire and Thirteen

Has anyone the movies Fire? I read the back of the DVD case and it sounded interesting. I didn't take it out of the library though, long story. Also Thirteen, is it any good?

Yes, I'm on the hunt for gay and gayish movies. I'm loving my summer so far, just getting to watch lots of movies, getting back to playing and enjoying my video games, and also sometimes getting out of the house too :D

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My kitty died and this is for her

Everything I'm not
and everything you were
it concludes the happy life
I hope you had
You were there my whole life
since the moment I was born
we grew up together
you were there every second
every moment
every birthday
you were there in the background
you were great
you were my friend
we grew closer as we grew older
at one point I wasn't sure what I'd do if you died

But I'm certain you had a full life
21 years strong
you gave birth to many kittens
and you were a great mom
you even put up with 3 dogs over the course of your life

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I vote...

That a sequel should be made to Imagine Me & You. Who's with me? I mean come on I wanna see more of Luce and Rachel actually a couple!

imagine me and you Pictures, Images and Photos

Note: I'd also like to see more scenes of Luce with her friend Edie, I liked her. She was quirky :)

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See...this is what happens when I'm not in school or really doing anything constructive during the day...I'm up till 2am playing video games. Hahaha. I need some sleep but I have the want and urge to stay up. It's cooled down, there's no fighting or arguments, and I can do what ever I like. Question: Why can't all day be like this?

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I need my Xbox Live!

Has anyone tried these reward sites like Rewards1 and PrizeRebel? Do they really work? Where you do offers(like surveys and stuff) and they give you points that you can use to buy video games and what I want desperately Xbox LIVE subscriptions. I'm curious if anyone has really ever had any luck with them.

This is what happens when you're broke and don't have anyway of making any money, you have to find alternate ways of getting your Xbox online. Oh, well...

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