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Someday I'm gonna go to....

Ireland! Most likely Dublin. It's such a pretty country. And I've heard it's gay friendly too. Which is always a plus. Also I want to visit England at some point in my life. My family has heritage/roots in both countries, so it would be nice to go and visit those places someday. Hopefully with someone special to share it with :)

Which countries do you want to visit?

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I wanna watch....

Beetlejuice!!! I love that movie. But for some reason we're watching the Antiques Roadshow. Hmm.....I'm not liking this. But then again I just spent two and a half hours controlling the TV and watching Family Guy and The Simpsons so I put The Antiques Roadshow on for my mom. But still I wanna watch Beetlejuice! lol.

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I just watched my first episode of the TV show Skins. It was alright. It's got promise. But some of the things the kids did were a little far fetched or unlikely was okay I have an able imagination :P

I should be looking for places where I can volunteer but I'm being lazy and I'm getting tired. I need to find one by Monday though. Eh....I'll do it tomorrow. Or Sunday.

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Gay girl (hopefully) going to college and What are LGBT college clubs like?

Next week I have to go to the actual college campus and do an interview with the teacher of the program I want to take and I get to see the classroom and everything. I'm actually pretty excited about everything. lol. I think one of the main reasons I'm so excited is that if I get into the program then I'll be out of the house and I'll get to meet some new people and hopefully make some new friends(Hopefully queer or at least queer friendly). Also, if I get comfortable enough while I'm there hopefully at some point I can go see about the Pride club they have.

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I've been bitten.....

By The Hockey Bug! Haha. I love hockey. I just plain love it. I love the NHL despite the pain-in-the-ass that is Gary Bettman! Now we're getting closer and closer to the playoffs and I can't wait to watch The Sharks play! Hehe. The Sharks are my team :) Their goalie Evgeni Nabokov is underrated as he's freakin awesome. I Can't wait to watch him play. I love his amazing saves. I wish I could be a goalie like him. I used to pretend to be as awesome as him when we played street hockey....Now there is something I truly miss.

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Spring, Portia, and Brian Adams.

It was really warm outside today. Which was really nice for a change. Apparently spring officially starts this Friday. Yet, here it's supposed to snow on Sunday......Yeah, okay. The weather is pretty screwed up. Anyways the weather was nice today. I LOVED The Ellen episode today. It was pretty freakin sweet. And I now have a BIG crush on Portia de Rossi :P Hehe. I think her and Ellen are cute together...So, I won't try and pursue her or anything :P

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Yesterday me and my dad watched the first 5 episodes of Charmed. One after the other. lol. And I LOVED them. I've watched a lot of episodes but mostly the ones from seasons 4 and on. Which I watched when we had the craptacular Cosmo channel that had basically nothing good(for me, anyways) except for Charmed and Gilmore Girls(Which I actually became quite fond of). I watched almost every single episode of Sex And The City but only because Cosmo was the only channel we had for a while there.

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It's time

I got a nice new notebook on the weekend so I'm hoping that it will get me to start writing again. While I was still in high school I wrote this pretty long like Lord Of The Rings/Dungeons And Dragons type of story. I wrote it over a few years I think. And I really enjoyed writing it and coming up with different characters and everything. Then I started to write my own Star Wars type of story which I never even came close to finishing but I thought it was kind of a neat story idea. And now I want to start writing a new story but I'm not what the story should be.

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Alright....So, tonight was lets say different. Now, I've known this guy, I'll call Patrick, for a few months. He lives next door and I met him the day we moved here. He's the only friend I've made here. So, tonight we were just hanging out at his house and I was just looking at him and I don't know how to really write out everything that went on tonight. But I ended up going down on him....and I can't explain it, but it felt so good. and it felt right. I don't want to be straight! But now I'm torn because I'm questioning(again) whether or not I'm bi or gay. It's horrible but it feels right.

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My favorite sex toys....

are the really obscure ones that you can only get if you know someone who runs a sex shop. So they can special order them for you. Like the one's that come from Europe....those are freaking amazing and they will give you THE best orgasms EVER. My favs:

Purple twister
Lemon Geizer
Red orpiture
Jungle gym 2

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I think my sister's gonna be cool with me when I come out

ME: And I think it would be great if you could own those houses some day. To keep them in the family :):) But I wouldn't say that (Nephew's name) is the end of the family name...not for me anyways.

SISTER: why u gonna keep your name too?

ME: That's my plan

SISTER: good for u you just have to find a husband\wife(just for good measure) that will agree to that

I was laughing my ass off when she said "husband/wife" HAHAHAHA!!!

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I'm more myself on the internet then real life

Ahh.....My sister's making me cry :( And this sucks. We're talking through Facebook and she's reminiscing about our old house and how none of us live there now and how much she misses it. It's a longggg story. But in short she's making me cry. And she NEVER talks to me through FB or IM...NEVER!!! That's why at first I thought she was gonna try to bring up the fact that she thinks I'm a hard core lesbian!!(That's totally Britney's line from Will & Grace last night) I swear, I think she knows....I think she's got a good gaydar.

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Adventures on messenger....

Alright, so last night I did some......Well, lets say not so bright things last night. Especially on my various messengers. Examples:

1) I tried my best to give one of my friends who needed my attention and advice. I'm good at the first but horrible at the second. I dislike giving advice so much for the fact that I haven't had that much experience with anything yet. So....Why do people come to me for advice??? Why???

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My guilty pleasure of the day.....

Was watching Britney Spears play a lesbian on Will & Grace!!! Hehe. :D :D

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So...Yeah, I wasn't sitting in my room naked last night

AND The fantasy I wrote about wasn't really mine. Both journals last night were crazy/awesome dares from JMY and Bulldyke. Because we're lesbians that do crazy shit, what more can I say? I also found it hilarious to confuse the hell out of all my friends and family on Facebook with the odd status changes which were also dares. I'm not OUT in the "real world" So it's always fun to push the envelope on Facebook. LOL.

I learned some interesting things about both of you last night.....Hehe.

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