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I'm sitting here in my room, naked......

Wishing that THAT girl....The one from my fantasy was here. I'm such a sap.

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My fantasy......

I'm at the convenience store just buying some milk. So, I'm at the fridge and grabbing a bag of milk when I notice this girl staring at me. I'm thinking that she thinks I'm cute or something. So, I just continue.

Then I'm standing there in line when this SAME girl comes up to me and says "hey, do you have change for a five?". I do so give her the change in exchange for her five. So, she walks out of the store and I walk up to pay for my milk.

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Weirdest. Person. Ever.

Why can't life be as good as your dreams you have at night? WHY? These dreams can be SO amazing and make you feel so good. Plus I feel like I can do anything and I do. I talk to random girls and I'm not afraid of rejection. Plus almost every girl that I like is gay! In my dreams that is. Then again most of my dreams turn out to have a scary twist and needless to say they are SCARY! Like last night I ended up being in a bathroom with some scary wannabe Joker from The Dark Knight.

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Trans issues on Law & Order SVU and Max on The L Word

Did anyone watch the new episode of Law & Order SVU? The one with the transgendered girl. I thought it was a pretty good and although I'm not personally trans, from my point of view I thought they handled the transgendered issues quite well. And I liked the kid that was playing the trans girl I thought he did a good job especially since he's so young. It was pretty real. But I did, I really liked that episode. And then they had Daniella Sea(She plays Max on The L Word) playing a trans guy(again) and she was pretty good like she was back to like, season 3 Max and Hott! lol.

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Started out as a journal about awesome lyrics and turned into something more

Now that we're here, it's so far away
All the struggle we thought was in vain
And all the mistakes, one life contained
They all finally start to go away
And now that we're here, it's so far away
And I feel like I can face the day
And I can forgive
And I'm not ashamed to be
The Person that I am today

Since the first time I heard those lyrics around (2 years ago, I believe) I loved them and I couldn't wait till the day came that I could actually relate to them, to be at that place and that frame of mind. And I think I'm there now. I really do.

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Is it just me....

Or does it seem like everyone's lives seem to be falling apart? I hope that this is just a passing dark cloud. I also hope that all of you who are going through tough moments are okay and getting through it. We're all here for you. At the moment my life isn't in the total crapper but that could all change in the space of one fight or one comment so....yeah, but I've been there. I've been depressed but I usually(but not always) can pull myself out of it before it gets too bad. Music tends to help A LOT. Especially music I can relate too.

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Love. This. Song

Love. This. Song.

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Love changes

I've never been one to pretend or falsify my feelings for you
But now the times have changed and the situation is different

You lied and weren't who you said you were.
How about we stop the games
you just be you and I will be me
We can do this if you try

I hear your footsteps they are a constant reminder
of what we used to be
the sneaking around
the high we got from not getting caught
but now everything's different and you're not the same

You say that you love me but I know that it's changed
you haven't been here for me in months
you say that you couldn't "deal"

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Random things from today and I got a new profile pic

Lol, it's 4am and I'm not tired at all! Wtf? I just want to go to sleep but I'm so not tired.

And I just spent a good 2 hours at least looking at Spashley/South Of Nowhere fan art. Not really sure why. Actually I think it's cause it's sorta-kinda filling that void in me. You know the one. The "I have no love life what-so-ever" :P

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I'm Ashley, and I like girls a lot. Oh, and I'm a homosexual :P

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I need to find something to watch.....

Ugh. I need something GOOD to watch. Last night I watched the 3rd episode of The L Word from this new season and all I can say is BORING. That episode was pretty bad. AND I hate the new couple "Shenny" they make me want to puke.....sorta. Anyways, I'm really put off by by TLW right now and I don't particularly feel like watching another atrocious episode at this very moment. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Have you had sex?

NOOO!!!! I'm a virgin! I'm saving myself for marriage/civil union!!
0% (0 votes)
No, I'm a virgin and I'm waiting for someone special to have my first time with
50% (10 votes)
No. I'm a virgin and sex just hasn't come up yet
10% (2 votes)
Yes I've had sex but only with people of the OPPOSITE sex.
0% (0 votes)
Yes I've had sex. Only with people of the SAME sex.
35% (7 votes)
Yes and I've had sex with both sexes! :P
0% (0 votes)
No and I don't plan to. I'm asexual.
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 20
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For all the posers out there,
you should take a clue.
Nobody cares who you are,
or what you do.

You're so busy trying to prove who you are,
while I can already see through you.
You're falling apart inside,
so you take it out on everyone else.

Why don't you just suck it up,
and take it like a (wo)man.
No one gives a fuck,
about where you've been.

I don't believe your words,
maybe you do.
But I can see through all of your lies,
they are sad and contrived.

You push and pull throughout your life,
you're just one desperate cry.
Looking for love and attention,

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August, 26, 2006.

I know that things can't stay the same,
and that things have gotta change.

But I wanna take your breath away
So that you only think of me
and you'll never lose track of that feeling we've got
that I am your love, the one and only.

I don't want it to ever end,
but I know that love fades.
But I hope that this one never changes,
and our love will change history.

If we ever decide to come out to them,
they won't want to accept it.
Trust me, you're not the "man" of their dreams,
but you are certainly mine.

You aren't who I pictured as a kid,
but then again neither am I.

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Uh Huh Her and Staind

LOVE the song Not A Love Song by Uh Huh her!! And the minute I listened to it I had to download it :P Yup, it's the band that has Leisha Hailey(The woman who plays Alice on The L Word) in it, Hehe. Yeah, that was the main reason I gave their music a try :P

"I see I disappoint you
Why don't you find another threat?"

Love those lyrics.

Plus I love the woman who does the actual singing she has an awesome voice :D

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