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I Want That Someone

I wrote this poem in the wee hours of the morning(about 2am) its quite rough but I thought I would post it and see what u guys think of it so far.

Will I ever find someone?
Someone I love whole heartedly,
and them feel the same.

I've had too many crushes,
Too much wasted time by myself.
Time better spent taking risks,
That could bring love back into my life.

A million dreams and a few nightmares in between,

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Too Late

I love you now and always will.
My unfound devotion and untainted love,
will always be there for the taking.
For you I spill my guts and throw these tears.
Forever I will be full of regret,
and steps I never took.

If you would look into these eyes,
you would find a smile.
As I melt upon you,
I hope you find what you were looking for.
Would you love me as I am
or do I need a change?
with feelings so great,

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This is another little thing I wrote a while ago...

What happens when you keep dreaming of someone?
Someone you've never even met,
When it's someone you never thought you could like.
But you dream of them every single night,
and it becomes almost an obsession.
When you can't wait till it's the end of the day,
So you can dream and meet them again.
And you wish that you knew this person in real life,

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The Game Of LIFE....

Alright here is something that happened to me about 3 years ago, before I started questioning my sexuality and before I found this site.....

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Pink haired girl...

Okay this afternoon I went out with my mom to take my 2 dogs out for a walk like usual. And when we were on this back path behind the houses, I saw this girl with like, pinky coloured hair and she was wearing all black with like those Converse or whatever they were sneakers. And I like looked at her and I think she liked looked at me and kinda smiled, It was kewl. I was just wearing a basic navy blue T-shirt and blue jeans...oh and of cource my Black and Pink Vision skate shoes.

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This girl....

I'll call her 'C'. In the middle of August 2005, this girl 'C' moved into a neighbour of mine's house, she was renting a room. Okay so we became friends quickly and we hung out played cards and went to the mall ect... we kindof drifted appart a few months later cause she was the partier type, she liked to smoke and drink and well...go to parties. I was fine with this, We were like complete opposites, this was also the time i started thinking about my sexuality.

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This was something I wrote a while ago....

With these eyes I'm sending you a message
Whether or not you get it
depends on your openess.

Too scared to tell you in person or with words at all.
I'm just hoping you call
To pick me up from this fall.

Cursing and screaming within my head,
Cause' I want you sooo bad.
But don't know if I'll ever come out to you.

Im just hoping and dreaming

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Isn't it funny...

how much you can change in just a short amount of time? I mean just look at me. About 18 months ago, I would've been dreaming and thinking about my perfect guy. But now my dreams and thoughts are about my dream girl...And it's not just dreams, I want a relationship with a girl. I wanna feel that passion and love...I watched the movie Lost And Delirious for the first time, a few months ago and i loved it dispite the sad ending...

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