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Gay youth group

I wish that I could go to the gay youth group that's in my city. I really wish I could, but that would mean explaining to my parents where I'd be going. Eeek! Not happening. It's really neat, though. I've been searching and I found this group that allows people up to the age of 25 to go, so that means I could actually go to it! Pity that, at this point, I won't go. I'd really like to go and be able to talk about everything I feel, about where I am, and be able to talk to people that are going through similar things.

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Ouch! Just bit my tongue

My phone and Facebook don't seem to want to like each other right now. I've been trying to send some photos from my cellphone to Facebook, but it keeps saying it's unable to. You still send them to, right?

All I want to do is have some actual photos of me on Facebook but the universe, apparently, doesn't want me to. lol.

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Fallout 3

I'm getting soooo into Fallout 3 now. I got it in, what, October and only now am I really getting into it and, really, all I want to do is play it all night long. But then there is pesky school tomorrow, so I can't. Or, well, I shouldn't. I also found some totally random lesbian couple in the game. It was so weird and so nice to find that. It was made me smile. Maybe I'll expand upon that tomorrow when I'm not so tired :)

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Like Loving Annabelle...but not.

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Angels bleed from the tainted touch of my caress

I love Trent Reznor and NIN. Okay, maybe love is a strong word, but I don't know how else to express it XD

Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona on Grey's Anatomy (aka the best thing about that show) is on Ellen tomorrow. Hah! If I actually get to watch it, which is unlikely, I will be happy and it'll, maybe, make up for the stress that I'm putting myself through. Maybe.

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Kat and Lily - Skins interview

More Lesbian Entertainment & Video

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I'm dreading tomorrow

For one thing, I've hardly been at school the past week. I went almost every day but only for an hour and a half each day. I haven't even come close to finishing my essays, which are due. And I'm supposed to be done and finished my class. I was supposed to be finished on Friday. But as you can see I slacked off, majorly, and now I'm paying for it. So now I just want to avoid that class completely. Arg. I'm so tired of stressing over these stupid essays! I just want to be done and over with that class.

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Well, if she didn't know I was gay before...

She probably does now. My mom, that is. She found my print out from the library and it had Kissing Jessica Stein on it. Ha. So, now the next time she's at the library and that's on the shelf she might just flip it over to see what it's about, and wham! It's about a lady going out with another lady. Dammit. I mean she might not, but I bet out of curiosity she will. Usually when I get movies from the library I leave them all in the living room, so this looks a bit suspicious. I don't even know where she found the print out. I guess it fell out of my bag at some point.

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Skins starts again

Oooo...Skins starts it's 4th season tonight!!!! Yippee! I hope somebody posts the episodes online. Can't wait to see new fresh episodes of Naomily XD

Oh, and that girl, Erica, that was on American Idol last night was CUTE. The one that used to be on Barney and Friends. I used to love that show when I was a kid! Anyways she was cute, and she did not need that leather dominatrix suit to prove that she was all grown up ;) Hah.

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Disappointed with Mass Effect 2

Hmm...from what I've heard, there are no gay or lesbian romance options in Mass Effect 2. Well, except if you romanced Liara, the alien who looked female but was really a mono-gendered alien species (meaning she wasn't really female, or so they say). You can continue your romance with Liara. That sucks. I want new romance options just like the straight gamers get! I don't get why they would backtrack like this, especially since the same company (Bioware) made Dragon Age: Origins and it included both a gay male option and a lesbian option.

Favourite Austin Powers movie?

International Man of Mystery
20% (2 votes)
The Spy Who Shagged Me
30% (3 votes)
50% (5 votes)
Total votes: 10
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"Is this a lesbian movie?"

I watched V for Vendetta....again. It's at least my 4th time watching it. It seems to get better every single time I see it. I LOVE IT!!! I just love everything about it. Hah...oh, and when it got to the story about Valarie and her whole story about falling in love with a woman on the set of her movie and she kisses her, my dad kinda whispers to my mom, "Is this a lesbian movie?" HAHAHA! I just sat there and sorta laughed and smirked. No dad, haven't you been watching the movie the past hour? It's about V. But, yes, that one woman is a lesbian :D

Ahh...I just love that movie.

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School and maybe a job

There's this really cute girl in my class that I've been noticing more and more the past couple months. This is a new "liking". I say liking because I don't really know her. For me to have a crush on her, I'd need to at least get a feel for her personality and talk to her. But, anyways, there isn't much of a way for me to talk to her since all we do in my class is sit there and work alone.

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Wow! A lesbian singer whose music I actually like

I love that song.

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Jim Parsons gay?

I don't think I'm going to bother going to school tomorrow. I can just do the essays from home. The only thing is, is that I won't if I'm home. But, oh well, it's late and I won't get enough sleep. So screw it. In other news, my mom thinks that the the guy who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons, is gay. We were watching Ellen's talk show the other day, and he was on it, and she jumped to the conclusion that he's definitely gay. Me? I don't know. Okay, he "comes off" kinda gay, and my gaydar certainly pinged some, but I don't know. Either way I like him.

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