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Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

Hello everyone. Sorry I don't have any gay news for ya.

I sincerely hope that someone out there, cause this is the only way I can seem to find or think of getting help, has heard of or uses DNS 10.

I have it, I got it for a great discount through a college program and it worked great for a while but isn't doing what it needs to now.

First some of the commands wouldn't stop working, I remedied this by simply closing my profile and then reloading it. Small price, but at least it worked.

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Little Update/Post

Goodness gracious! I haven’ been on Oasis for sometime but I feel outnumbered by girls. Just skimming the surface I only see girls...where are all the boys? Surely there’s someone near my age on here that happens to be of the same sex that happens to have some similar interests? I know this isn’t an online dating service but I’d like to get to know some gay guys especially since I know none.

Let it be known that I have nothing against women, I just feel deprived of understanding men. It’s always been easier for me to find an understanding woman.

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Sorry if I Seem Curt...

I just got done reading my last journal entry. I still have not been psychologically revaluated but it is going to happen. I’ve taken further steps to initiate my enrolment in the Christian college that I’ve been talking about. Steps such as me taking a campus tour when I visit my aunt (whom works at the college) in July. Steps such as me sending in my financial aid package that says I accept all the financial aid help they want to give me, including six thousand dollars in loans at least! :s

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All The Current News...

Gee everyone, so much has happened so soon! There are three major things that have happened. First of all after five months of waiting for something to happen with my truck it was finally totaled. Yeah it sucks that it took so damn long but on the flip side I got several thousand dollars more for the vehicle (I have full coverage) than I actually paid for it. I bought a very nice car, outright, with insurance for 36,000 miles or 3 years. It repairs anything that happens to the car, essentially. Even with the insurance the car was only 400 dollars more than I paid for my truck.

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OCD? ME???

Hey everyone,

I just got done talking to my sister. Highlights of the conversation: I’m self centered, and need to be psychologically re-evaluated because she swears that I have something more than just bipolar disorder. She mentioned that she swears I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I’m all up for psychological testing but, naturally, I worry about the outcome of the findings and the necessary new pills I’d have to take if there were any.... and their side effects.

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Clarification on my Last Post...

Ok, in regards to my previous entry, I’d like to say that I’m undecided. I don’t think I made this clear enough in my previous entry. I’m not saying I’m just going to dump my sexuality, like that’s even completely possible, to join the Christians.

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Possible Life Changes...

Well everyone I don’t know what I’m going to do but I feel kinda stuck where I am. As from yesterday the song Yes by Coldplay still seems to be a big part of mood right now, but the sex dream isn’t still in play. As powerful as it once was, only such a short time ago, it’s old history now.

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Sex Dream, Anyone up for a Personal Interpretation?

Ok so I woke up hours ago but I woke up feeling so interesting.

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Doubt, Milk, and The Reader... Among Other Things

Well guys I just got done watching the movie Milk. I watched the movie Doubt last night. I really enjoyed Doubt, and I also enjoyed Milk. That might sound like a downgrade from great but it’s still pretty darn special because I didn’t think I’d like or even care for the movie in the first place. I liked it though, I couldn’t live up to Milk’s standards because I don’t necessarily feel the need, even though I recognize the progress being like that can and has made, but I thought the movie was good nonetheless.

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The Matrix Revisited Soundtrack...

Does anyone know how I can get the songs off the soundtrack that appears to be only on the DVD of The Matrix Revisited? There isn't a regular soundtrack CD.

I've only be able to find the song "Praying to Different Gods" by Ikarus.

It's a kick ass song, but it's only 1 out of like 41. I keep finding torrent downloads but I don't trust em and don't want to download all of them anyway. The trouble is I can't find ANY of the other songs.

I'd flip if I could get "Por Sea T" by Nolens Volens.

I hope someone can find them! I've been ever unsuccessful.

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Can't Write to Relatives...

Ok guys I guess this is a trust test kinda thing. See I’d like to email my relatives, cause I want to talk to them, a couple in particular. But it’s Easter and my family is religious so I feel like I would be imposing to call them today when they probably have their own thing going on.

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What to say?

Just thought I'd shove a blurb on here since it's been long overdue.

I've almost graduated from my college as a freaking administrative assistant...something I don't even think I want to do. What kind of gay guy ends up in the administrative assistant field anyway? I'm more into writing and psychology. I just had to choose this stupid program I guess, I did it of my own volition of course but still, I should have chosen something else.

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Why does it keep saying that I have a private message when I don't have a private message?

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I just typed like a page and for God knows what reason a link got clicked so I went back and all that I have typed was gone :S

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I want to get some things written down. I'm not even pretyping this in word like I usually do, to check for errors and what not.

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