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What Are You Gay Asians Waiting For?

I spent half of my gorgeous Sunday tutoring my kids in East LA and the other half discovering music artists. Don't tell me I'm lame. Well, here are a few of my new faves (some you probably already know):

Matt Wertz
Matt Nathanson
Gran Bel Fisher
Dave Barnes
Christopher Jak
Graham Colton
Michael Tolcher
Will Hoge
Emerson Hart

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I want to swim the pacific
I want to climb everest
I want to feel the sun
I want to scream out loud

I want something more, something no one has
Do you know what that thing is?

It's not gold or silver
Nor is it taught in books
It could be found in a lover
But it's tainted if it is

I wish for Peace
The door to an inner-realm
of happiness
The sacred temple of belonging

Can you give me that?

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