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It is a humid July day, steamy heat rising from the suburban pavement. There is a new girl working at the kosher pizza place in the plaza around the corner from my house, and I want to fuck her. She is taller than me, slim, with a splash of freckles on her lightly tanned skin. A face and body and lazily-tied-back blonde hair, she’s a girl that looks like she belongs in a Texas dairy queen rather than a kosher establishment. The owner and I were chatting in front of the store.
“You hired a new girl,” I said.
“Ofri?” asked Moish.

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okay okay... i know i said i was never coming back...
but i just feel that my life has been going so... freakishly well... that i wanted to share my happiness with y'all :-)

alright, so firstly i got accepted into an amazing teacher's college, and i'll be moving out in mid-august! i'm so excited to be finally getting away from my mother, who is a total psychotic LOON.

secondly, i have an amazing girlfriend! her beautiful name is andrea and we have been together for almost 2 months!

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We are all animals

We are born.
We eat,
We shit,
We fight,
We fuck,
And we die.

We secrete and we excrete and we get used to the smell of our own shit.

We masturbate and then lick our fingers.

We get cut, we bleed. We lick our wounds.

Like animals.

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this is how i feel...

i feel like i am going to stop writing on oasis.
i feel like i am too old for this website.
i mean, i came on here when i had just had my first experience with a girl, with coming out, and i really did need the support.
but now, it's like i don't fit in. i'm just in a room full of teenagers.

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i just had yet another BAD experience with a girl... as in, a bi girl... and yet again i blame MYSELF for even getting started with her in the first place.

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in other news...

am i the ONLY person who gets horny by the part in Britney Spears' "Womanizer" video where she is naked and shiny???

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random tidbits because i am procrastinating my day

okay, so the minority governments of canada (liberal, NDP, and bloc quebecois) have formed a coalition and are trying to overthrow the majority (conservative) government!!!
seriously, this is the most exciting thing to happen in canadian politics since... um, ever.


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mmm yeah

scented candles .......... $10

wine .......... $15

pretty bra and matching panties .......... $35

brazilian wax .......... $20

making her cum .......... priceless.

for everything else, there's mastercard.

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fucking WOW

last night i ejaculated for the first time ever!
thanks to my new toy (see previous journal).
it happened so randomly...
basically, i was just using the vibes, and it was feeling good...
and then BLAM!!! i feel something squirting out of me.
i was like "oh, it's probably just a few little drops"...

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Lucid dreams...

today i bought my very first real sex toy! woooo YEAH!
(a few years ago i bought this tiny $4 bullet-vibrator... but it was lame, so i banished it to a corner of my night-table drawer).
Me and my friend Carly went to a store called Aren't We Naughty.
[The answer is "yes i am."]

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in other news...

-two nights ago i gave myself the most amaaaaazing orgasm. seriously, it rocked... it was so wonderful... i'm still thinking about it, LOL. i had to watch porn for about 30 minutes and then fuck myself in assorted ways for about 30 minutes just to get it... but it was worth the time.

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it's a Great Canadian Winter...

after the warmest October/november in toronto on record for several years, the true chill of winter is beginning to set in. this really depresses me because winter is just sooo long and cold and snowy here... it really sucks. last winter wasn't so bad, because by early january i had a boyfriend. so for the bulk of winter i was with my boyfriend, warm and snuggly in his bed, having hot sex.

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story idea

so i dreamed up this idea that i'm thinking about making into a novel-type story. i guess it would be aimed at junior-high/hiskewl people, kind of like a Young Adult book... but it would definetely be more edgy and raw and real than Gossip Girl or any of the shit that's become immensely popular these days.

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i have just applied to 6 universities for teacher education programs... and i still have 4 more to apply to for next week. the reason why i am applying to so many schools is that i know it's really competitive to get in, but i really want to start teacher's college next year, so i can graduate and start applying for jobs ASAP.

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