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I am OVER THE MOON right now!

Okay. So I'm pretty much the happiest I've been in a really long time.

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My first homophobe...?

I think today I experienced the very first slightly homophobic reaction directed right at me, to my face, ever.

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If you read my last entry, you know that on my school softball team, I'm floating between JV/varsity. Well, due to certain unforeseen events, like a few people quitting and a LOT of academic ineligibilities...guess who's STARTING for the varsity at third base at our first game tommorow?

That's right--yours truly.

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Semi-sweet, like chocolate. And bassoons.

So, being the tomboy I am, I play softball. I like to think that I'm good at at it. Initially I got put on JV, which was a lot more okay than I thought it would end up being, because the coach is awesome, and she promised me team captaincy, choice of seriously any position I wanted to play, whenever I wanted to play it, and cleanup-3rd spot in the lineup.

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Goddamn, I'm sore from sprinting around downtown--eight city blocks, jaywalking, running down the middle of a city street, the wrong way--four times, without warming up.

I'm disappointed that we couldn't find my friend's boyfriend, forget all the searching that we did, at all, for midnight.

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Contraceptives and consternation

Awkward moment: Commenting to your crush that you have so much random crap in your pockets you need to clean out.
More Awkward: Crush reaches in your pocket jokingly and retrieves the condom you received for World AIDS Day.
Even More Awkward: You're 15.
Clincher: You're both girls.

At our GSA today, our very fabulously gay president, Dani, led the introductions, but then when it was the turn of our advisor, Mr. J., to give his name, sign, and age, he got us on track with the significance of today to the community. He read some sobering statistics on AIDS from the paper, new as of November of this year. Mr. J. is gay, so he told us some stories about people he knew with HIV, and friends of his who had died from AIDS. But then he went on to ask, "But is AIDS just a gay disease? Is that true?"

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