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man, i just worked for 9:30 am to 9 pm...thats a lot for a partime job...IM tired!!!!!

get this my mom wants me to try to get on that mtv show MADE. hahaha i kinda think it would be interesting...but wat would i be MADE into?...hmmm

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why does everyone have this stereotypical idea that lesbians are ugly

#1) im at a football game with some friends and this SEXY girl (I call her perfect( well i used to, then my gf found out in bitched about it for a while) cuz i dont know her name but damn shes sooooo soooo hot i swear) walks by with her GF and my friends are all like "she's too hot to be gay" and im like "WHAT?

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Alyx is a cutie

I spent alot of my weekend w/ alyx and at 1 point we went to the mall w/ her brothers and we were eating. She was sitting across from me and she grabbed for her straw and she touched my hand. her brothers were there so i was jokingly like "ya i know u wanna hold my hand blah blah" and she was blushing w/ her little sexy smile and her brothers were just like yall are weird.

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so much for that!

so theres this chick named alyx and i like her alot and she knows it and she likes me too and lately we have been getting really close. well last night we hung out and she told me that she didn't want to be w/ anyone because she doesn't want her parents to know that shes a lesbian becuz they will hate her and basically make her life a living HELL until she moves out.

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need to vent!

so i have a friend and she (lindsay)started talking to this chick(steff) who is a player and has no desire to be with 1 person. i told lindsay not to get involved with her but she didn't listen and now she thinks she "loves" steff and steff tells her she loves her back, but Lindsayand I both know that's a lie but lindsay doesn't care.

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Can't Stop Thinking About This Tragedy!!!

so on the 19 of november my friend Sydney was killed in a car accident. : (

it was around 11 o'clock at night, Sydneys unlicensed boyfriend was drag racing on 1 of the main streets where i live, sydney was on the passenger side and her good friend clara was in the backseat on the passenger side. Sydneys boyfriend almost hit a truck that wasn't racing with them so he swerved and hit a tree instead! the car split into 3 parts, Sydney went flying out of the windshield and was instantly killed. Clara broke her pelvis and now her legs are paralized for the rest of her life and she just woke up from her coma. Sydneys boyfriend got a broken leg, but is now back at school.

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