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Avatar = good. Michelle Rodriguez = better. Michelle Rodriguez in Avatar wearing AVIATOR GLASSES = best.
That is all.

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Has it really been four years? Four years since I met Julia, and four years since I googled "Am I gay?" (Yes, I actually did that.) I look back at my freshman self and am astonished. Almost unrecognizable, she stares at me with wide, innocent eyes, totally unaware of the months of doubts, revelations, laughs, tears, and, all in all, the most exhilarating times of her life so far.

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Merlin Madness

Oh, no. I've just dicovered BBC's "Merlin" and its wonderful and terrible subtext.
I am never going to get to study for Finals.

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Apparently there is this web of lesbian interconnectedness that I have yet to be plugged into. Maybe it's because I'm not technically totally completely a lesbian's lesbian (which my friends constantly remind me of), or maybe it's because I haven't actually dated any girls yet (just obsessed from afar), or maybe it's because I don't quite 'fit in' with the clique of gay girls at school. Whatever it is, I haven't been initiated into it.

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The God/dess of Fortune Cookies

So perhaps there is a Higher Power....
After getting a fortune cookie for lunch that says "THE TREASURES OF THE RAINBOW WILL SOON BE YOURS, " who can deny that the beyond is sending them messages?
I have concluded that someone with connections in heavenly places
A) is out to get me
B) works at a fortune cookie factory
P.S. Fortune cookies are exceedingly tasty.

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Another Day, another...?

Today we had our Service Faire. If your schools don't have them, it is an opportunity for people from different organizations to come and talk to students about their community work. It gives us ideas as to what we want to do to raise our service hours. Some of the things that those people do are simply amazing, and I admire them.

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Near Flippage

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Where is the Love?

Hi Peoples,
I just found this song on Youtube, and I really like its message. I thought I would share it. Here is the URL if the song doesn't embed:


I hope this works...

By the way, I also thought that I would remind you how much I love you all. Have a great summer!

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I haven't been back in awhile. Sorry, guys.
But I am excited and scared at the same time. I CAME OUT! To my friend. I am anxiously awaiting her response to my letter, since I was too cowardly to say it to her face, sadly.
More later. Homework calls, I'm afraid.

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More More More More... Stuff

Well, today in Bio we did DNA fingerprinting. It is fascinating!
Ahhh, and I wrote a bit more. It doesn't rhyme or anything, but I rather like it.

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This is going to be short, but
Why must I always crush on the straight girls? The way of life I guess. It's just so incredibly frustrating, being at an all girls' Catholic highschool.
Sorry for being egotistical. Bye.

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Long Time No See

Hello Peeplz.
First I have to say that I am very sorry for not posting on Forums for a very long time.
There, now that that's out, I'll continue on to business.

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Preeeetty Bad Poetry

Well, it's my first poem, so I have to start somewhere right? (Even though it does sound awful.)

I know that this is silly
I know that you don’t care
Rather than hear me tell you how I feel
You’d prefer to be anywhere.

The truth is pretty stupid
No it’s not! I refuse to lie
I have to say what I have to say
I’d rather tell you now and die.

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T.S.S.C.O.P (The 'Scouting for a Safe Coming Out' Project)

Recently, I have been dying to tell someone about my sexuality, and just get it off my chest. (No offense, Oasis, I love you all.) I have formulated a 'plan' if you will, to see if I could possibly do this without being:
a.) Being murdered by family
b.) Being deserted/murdered by old friends
c.) Being murdered by strangers while at school

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Snowboarding... With Benefits

I went snowboarding for the first time ever three days ago, and it is really really fun if you can survive the first day of extreme pain. The source of this pain is from falling on various areas of the butt and kness, or even worse, the same part of the butt and knees over and over again. I have a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my right knee.

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