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just something. +more.

i remember watching you through the window
you opened the door and that familiar breeze came in,
air chilled from the winter outside that our bodies and these sheets protected us from so well.
slouched against the handrail, cigarette in hand
you'd inhale, exhale
and i'd drift back into dreams of you.

i was never a morning person, until i met you

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Coming outttttt.

Okay. I really need to stop putting this off.
It's not like it requires anything special.
I just need to say two words.

I was meant to do it last saturday night.
But I was too tired and drugged.
And Sunday I was working.

I'm thinking of telling my dad in the next hour or so.

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Best day, Start of grounding, New job?

I'm grounded, as of today. For one month (until my birthday).
And I don't even CARE!
Only recently my social life has kicked it up a notch and its been great, but now I'm grounded and its just like "Oh well, who cares?"

I've thought of a few reasons for this.
Perhaps because I had the most AMAZING day yesterday.

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*does happy dance XD

I saw C in town last night :D
I wasn't gonna go in 'cause it couldn't be bothered really, but she messaged me (from her dads phone, cause she didnt have credit) and said pleaseplease come, so I did :3

And eeeeeeee.
When I got home, A (mutual friend, my ex, lol) said "ooooh someone likes C...;)"

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Okay okay :D
Yesterday I got to see C after school.
Which was so embarrassing. Because I was in my school uniform. (My school is renowned for its terrible uniforms).
Her (and D) were sitting outside the coffee shop and when me, A and J walked over she just kept her eyes on me and didn't stop smiling.

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Okay. Wow.
Crush confirmed.
C (girl mentioned in previous entry) is fucking gorgeous.
She had a mohawk. But not the typical kind. It was hotter. Lol.
And a lip ring.
I'm still half stunned by how hot she was. Definitely one of the best looking girls I've EVER seen around this craphole of a town.

And she's single. Oooh la la. Hahaha.

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=/ =/ =/
I serioussslly need to take a good look at myself + my life :|

I'm always whinging and whining about how I don't know enough available and attractive gay girls, and how I let opportunities slip through my fingers, and it's all doing my head in right now >_<

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i feel creepy

I'm not dead.
I've just been busy with exams and going out and stuffs and I havn't really bothered to actually write anything, I have however (and, of course!) been checking oasis daily or almost daily.

I kinda feel creepy right now.
It sounds weird, but I want to seduce someone :S

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Should watch this.
It's inspirational, heartening, and damn catchy, and to say anything else just wouldn't seem adequate.

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So excited!

I've been acting like a freakin' freak all week!
I went to school with shrek ears on and massive glasses (it made me look like a frog, or an insect) and, to make it weirder, I ran around all morning with a light saber, making all the sounds and stuff.

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three days. + crush. + NYE?

Tomorrow morning me and my friend J are heading to our friend C's house in the morning to get stoned before school.
It's C's first time smoking pot.
It'll definitely be amusing.

As of tomorrow.
Which means THREE days until the greatest night of my year!

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nine days

till i'll feel (as close to genuinely) happy again.
Nine days until I see T next, but for some reason that's not what I'm looking forward to most.
Nine days until I catch a train up to sydney and get utterly stoned for the day.

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in the last six months...

I'm bored so here's a list of my last six months:

Friends lost - 4
Girlfriends gained - 1
Cigarettes smoked - 800+
Joints smoked - 3
Cones smoked - 60+
Bongs made - 5
E's taken - 8
Raves attended - 2
Alcohol consumed 10-15L
Times cried - 10+
Suspensions served - 2
Detentions served - 1
Times caught smoking - 1
Viewed 'Dead Leaves' - 3
Days wagged - 6+

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Helpp :| Girl tuxedos?

Okay so, I've decided.
I'm either going to wear a tux (or similar) to my formal in December, or just not go at all.
I refuse to attend in a dress.
And I think it's utterly stupid that we're not allowed to bring girls, regardless of whether they're friends/girlfriends/sisters/whatever!

So, to the help part.
How does one go about finding a tuxedo that would look alright on a girl?

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He would've been the first intruder to ever win.
And the first gay boy (or girl for that matter)
He's simply ADORABLE.

Everyone on myspace is going nuts.
It's kinda funny.
But I still liked Aleisha.
She was cute =] And happy and funny and cute XD

Ah well.

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