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haaaaayyy Oasis

OMG, this site. My last journal entry was like a year and a half ago. Idek, you guys.

Uhhhh... I became the vice-president of a not-for-profit queer organization. And I almost had a girlfriend but then I didn't. :(
And I moved out of my parents' house.
And I read Judith Butler.

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"and maybe a mouth sounds idiotic when it blathers on about joy"

I have a speech to write for Queer Prom, which is tomorrow night. I have not started. I find my own confidence worrying, especially because I almost passed out when reading a poem out loud to ten people today. I can't imagine speaking my own words to over a hundred tomorrow night. fml

In completely unrelated news. I'm a little bit in love with doctor Who. Also procrastinating. Can you tell?

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*shakes head*

""A gay parent might not want their children" to attend a class about heterosexuality, he said."

...wait. What?

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Another year older. Legal in BC, not that that's ever stopped me drinking there before. Still not legal in the States, which just strikes me as a little ridiculous. Whatever. I got a Rorschach action figure for my birthday, and a dress and a graphic novel. Also two boxes of Peeps, which is only funny if you know who the Vlogbrothers are. And if you don't, you should go look them up on youtube.

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You know who's really pretty?

Cillian Murphy.


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I am not that girl

I just realized... that I got exactly what I wanted when I came to university. Anonymity. I used to be that highly-caffeinated Goth girl who always seemed on the verge of a hysterical break down and who could get you in contact with whoever you needed to talk to and who wrote fantastic poetry and stories and who would fix your computer. I mean, I could not tell you what the latest fashions were, or who was dating who, or what drama was going on. But I was still useful to many people. I knew what I was doing and I was trustworthy and I was going places.

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Fuck junior English.
I mean, I always heard that essay writing in high school is totally different from university, but it's still haard on my self-worth to go from constant 100%s to C+s and B-s.

...I think an English degree is a bad idea. *frustrated sigh*

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*throws up hands*

Dear family members:
Stop dying.
My dad's already dealing with cancer. Losing another son is not doing him any favours.

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it's so polite, it's so polite it's offensive

You guys, I'm learning Spanish! It's awesome! And I'm doing a class on Race and Racism. I <3 university.

Oh! And a girl walked in to a pole because she was staring at me.
.....ok, she was staring at my Riddler t-shirt. Shut up. I made a new friend through extremely strange circumstances involving Batman and fanfic writers in the states and livejournal, and the first thing she says to me when we meet in real life involves the fact that my t-shirt and I were responsible for pole-collision.

I have also given up on sleep. It is overrated and coffee is better.

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I wander back and I end up doing one of these

1. What would you take from your house if you knew it would be flooded tomorrow?
Pretty sure a day is enough time to get everything of value.

2. If you could erase anything you ever said to anyone, what would it be?
have said that to)
Whatever the hell I said to help Hell Week along its merry way.

3. Your stuck in a room for an hour with a chalk board, what do you draw on it?

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...there is a boy.
He's funny and liberal and smart and majoring/minoring in the same things I am. He's an English nerd! And a writer! And he's in two of my classes.

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Harper wasn't wearing the sweater-vest.
...the world may be ending.

That's all.

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Go see The Dark Knight.
Right now.
It's the best Batman movie as of yet. I've got my quibbles, but I can ignore them in the face of its epic fantasticness.
And... Harvey Dent owns my frelling soul.
Shut up, I know he's fictional.

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Wow, I've not posted on here in a long time. Livejournal is your friend.

Uh. What have I done in the last two months?

Was sellected as one of eight lgbtq youth from across Canada to go to Montreal and help plan for a conference which got canceled four days before we arived.

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I'm so psyched for university

Fall Schedule

Anthropology110 gender/age/culture
Philosophy102 knowledge and reality
Psychology104 Basic Psychological Processes

English112 English Lit in Historical Perspective
12:30-13:50 my Tuesdays and Thursdays? Best. Thing. EVAR.

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