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I'm done my very first diploma ever! And also done biology for ever and ever. Thank God.

So, the girl I wrote about in my last entry?
She asked me out!!!!
She sent me a message on facebook last night asking if I'd like to go to a a date. She actually said the word date. *is dork*

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So my cities Pride was today, to kick off Pride Week. I didn't make it there for the actual parade, but I got down in time to see the last hour of the performances. And the girl on whom I am crushing held my hand throughout the entire night, and bought me icecream. Our youth group went around after it was over collecting bottles and cans and picking up garbage, which was a tad disgusting.

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this city's made us crazy and we must get out

I'm going through one of those wonderfully emo 'I have no friends, the world is secretly out to destroy any self-confidence or self-worth I've built up ever' moods. Have been for the last five days. It's assuredly my own insecurities getting in my way, but it still leaves me feeling like shit.

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a rather excellent day

So. First of all, I'm kicking bio30's ass. Just had to say that.

Have any of you out there who happen to live around E-Town (Canadians will get the reference) read/hear about the city highschool doing all the reinforcement of gay as a positive term and removing "fag" and "that's so gay" from students' vocabulary? It's wicked awesome.

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So I could say that I've currently got the appearance of a tragic protagonist in an equally tragic and dramatic love story who has been standing, mourning her one true love out in the beautiful rainfall. I, however; think I'm doing much better at the whole drowned rat thing. Go me.

Uh. What can I say?
I was *right*!

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Mentally awkward, uncomfortable and worried. And not about myself. However I shall trust her judgement and be happy for her.

*hums to self* Aprox. Three days. I *adore* hir, ok? Not that sie gets to be aware of that fact.

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you laughed a wicked laugh and said come here, let me clip your wings

You see, I've been living in a little world of hearts for the last two weeks and it's beginning to fade for lack of contact. Parties. Hanging out at playgrounds at 11:30 PM. Laying out of the sidewalk in front of a friend's house even later than that. Glitter. I like to sparkle, and it works well over black and white make-up.

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quick update

*pokes head in* I fixed the link to the prose in my last entry. It can be found here

*scampers away*

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help? :)

So I'm attempting to get into a seven day camp for youth writers during the summer, and I need to submit a short piece of either poetry or prose. I've narrowed it down to two, but I can't decide which to send. Could you super helpful people take a look at them, and tell me which one you think would be better? They're short, so it won't take long.

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Seeing as this is a public forum, I won't say anything.
I put little heart stickers on my nails today during French class.
I couldn't stop my brain all day.
I was giggling and smiling basically the entire day.
I will not get my hopes up.
I will not.
*hums to self*

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...i like pie

My aunt made no connection between the words Pride Centre' and lgbt...ness.

After she picked me up.
Her: "Wow, the girl you were waiting with was tall!"
Me: "Yeah. Well, she's trans, so I guess biological males are generally taller than girls..."

Me: (later) "bla, bla, bla, gay, bla, bla, bla..."
Her: "Oh, one of the guys at the group is gay?"

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insert title here

I'm over at my aunt's. She's going to drop me at youth group tomorrow night. ...which is at the Pride Centre. ...she?

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defining the lines

c&p from my blogger

So, if I’m understanding this right, you don’t believe that love is real. Instead, you think of it as a word that is tossed around and miss used. Tell me.
How can one misuse something if it isn’t real?

I never said I didn’t believe in love, just that I don’t understand it. It’s a barrier thing. The line. Define it for me.

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she should have died when she was born

I've been spending too much time in this city
It's starting to become just a city
I questioned myself when I first arived Friday afternoon --
"Why do you want to live here?"

The sun came out yesterday after 23 days of rain.
That was all that was spoken of on the radio,
TV; the streets were full of people
These people are so sun-starved.

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don't read this, it's boring

Today, I wore a floor length summer dress (it was -15 C), black with white flower stitching and no sleeves. Over it, I put a black netted button up shirt, and added my knee high four inch heeled black leather boots, that were hand-me-downs from a friend and are scratched up like you wouldn't believe.

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