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One of The Best Days Of my life

So i went to the School Dance with my best freind Katlyn, Niki, and jake. I started to see bordem all over the place. I always feel out of place cuz i know their is 1 bi boy named Tj he always goes and once and awile a gay boy named Seth. But last night i found a kid named Jamie. He is the same age as me (im probley a bit older since i turn 17 in June).

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Depressed and need to Vent

Last Night
Thursday the 11th Of January

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A Blind Date?

So my freinds hooked me up with this Kid named Jason. Never met him. Kind of nerve racking acctualy. They tell me this after im depresed over my freind jake being strait. Kinda cheered me up. He goes to a neighboring school. This sucks being in the Upper Michigan. There is nothing to do here. Theres not enough people. I dont know what we got planned. But were going as a group so i dont panic.

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Feelings for a strait boy

So i have this freind. I know hes toatley strait. But i have feelings for him and he knows it. Im worried because if he gets annoyed i might loose him as a freind. I mean hes one of the very few guys that know that acctualy hangs out and remained a freind. If he did that will he remain a freind. Its hard cuz theirs not enough gay ppl.

In a guy do you look for?

The Looks
0% (0 votes)
The Inside Heart
43% (3 votes)
A little of Both
57% (4 votes)
Total votes: 7
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My Life

My life is an odd case. My school has a toatle of 350-400 students and is the largest in the area. The neihboring schools in 10 mile radius have also have about 300 students. Out of all the students up here (excluding college students) i would have to say that most are strait. I know of 5 gay boys, 4 bi girls and 2 bi boys. Out of all the people around thats it.

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