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So kiss me.

I came out to another friend yesterday. A freshman. One of those weird/random girls who you think is just overly hyper and has no deep thoughts, but once you get to know her, man she's deep as an ocean. I think she was sort of an 'outcast' (in her mind anyway~i think she's rad =P) in elementary/middle school, so she spent a lot of time observing people.

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woke up and wished that i was dead

woke up and wished that i was dead.with an aching in my head. i lay motionless in bed.. thought of you, the way youre gone, let the world spin madly on...

where to even begin

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Scared to death

Alright so, I wrote something. In a journal. And I let my sister read it. But i had forgotten it had a list of words i WASN'T. [didnt describe me.]
and among that list was STRAIGHT.

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