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running me over with a truck is a joke?

Some dudes JUST made like they were going to run me over by running their truck down the hillside onto the sidewalk where I was walking.
They flashed their lights and honked and hollered at me.
I had to scramble up a grassy slope to get away.

Happy Birthday America

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continuing debate

I call my mom
"so... how is dad (meaning, is he still "too stressed out for me to come out to him at the present time?)

mom says

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Join Us.... JOIN US....

I had this wonderful idea.
Mitt Romney is anti-gay, publicly anti gay marriage.
We should all band together to make a statement about it.

It's really easy.

1) I sent him this message on his myspace (

I agree that gays should be allowed all the same rights as heterosexual couples.

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fine line between being myself and being polite

I consider myself out, but I have this new dorm situation with only one roommate in a suite that's made for 5-6.
It's really really empty at college over the summer and the room can feel extremely isolated at times.
I have not come out to my new roomie because I do not want to make her feel uncomfortable. I am pretty much a stranger, and it's weird enough living in such an empty dorm.

Should I come out to my dad?

yes, immidiately because he is bound to find out at this rate
71% (5 votes)
no, you promised mom you wouldn't so don't even try it
0% (0 votes)
wait until you absolutely must tell him (wedding or something like that)
0% (0 votes)
accidentally blurt it out so you are out but you haven't broken the promise
29% (2 votes)
Total votes: 7
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Pride and a big mouth

I am staying with my parents for two weeks before my summer school starts, and although my mom is accepting, she is terrified of me telling my dad. I am not. I don't feel that immediate urge to tell him, but I really am not afraid of it. She got really upset when I was talking about this Lesbian movie (Bound -I recommend it) in the house because I was "too loud" and that dad might hear.

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mother forbids Pride in Long Beach

I really am too old for this.
I am going back home for two weeks before I go back to college (summer school) and there is a HUGE Pride event just a ten minute drive from my house.
My dear mother who totally accepts me has practically forbidden me to go because she is afraid for my safety.

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first date with a girl

It was nice.
and we are about to meet again in a matter of moments

All I am going to say.

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I <3 Andrea Gibson

I just love this poem.
She has a website with a lot of other great poems on it too.

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soft mowhawk= new lesbian life

My mom and two sisters are visiting me at college for the weekend.

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a house full of lesbians

A friend of mine told me she lives in a house full of lesbians.
I jokingly laugh...."it can't be like I just pictured it!"
SO some of my other lesbian friends and I all came over a few nights ago.
It WAS like I pictured it!


fun fun fun

I love this town.

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in N out

I bought some rainbow shoelaces today.
but then I ran into a friend randomly at the mall and he said that one of his best friends was just attacked with a beer bottle because he is gay.
So I went from happy out and proud to down in the dumps depressed.

But one of my straight friends cheered me up. He said "don't worry, we'll protect you" and he gave me a big bear hug.


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that's so gay

I have been forgiving of people, they do not know a lot about other gay people, but I have just about had it.

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mixed feelings on my way back to college

Looks like I managed to avoid coming out to my dad.

I just got yarn to make my purple bracelet.
and I go back home to college tomorrow

I think I might take yarn in the car to make more for my friends.
Glad to have break mostly behind me.

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probably not coming out any time soon

I was really worried when I found out that I was going to be back home for spring break. My whole family knows, except for my dad.
I am really open up at college, and I am mostly used to the idea of being out to the whole world, but telling my dad is a different picture.

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