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I am the happiest I have ever been. One girl changes the whole world and everything I had accepted as my life.

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Good Riddance.

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So I've been on here a long time, and lurking recently. Did I miss something?

When did this become a forum for bigoted christian parents seeking advice on how to turn your children straight?


And btw: Self sacrifice has nothing to do with God.

Ugh. Close minded people piss me off.

The Catholic Next Door

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Things we don't talk about

How obnoxiously loud our paper delieverer is.
Waking up obnoxiously hungry is such a pain in the ass. My dads back is fucked up so he sleeps in the living room in a recliner. He guards the kitchen like a dragon does it's hoard.
What a sinus cold does to my girlfriends breathing aka snoring pattern. Aka why I'm awake at 5:49 am.
How ungodly hot it gets when you share your bed with someone who a)runs warm b) likes to sleep spider monkey snuggle and c) gets hot and puts all the blankets on you. Twice the blankets= sahara desert in Washington state.

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I wish I had a sex blog.

Welcome to your sporadic over sharers anonymous meeting!

I just wanna share some things with you guys. (:

Insomnia+Long term girlfriend=Waking her up with your hand in her panties because she fell asleep an hour ago and you're still wide awake. This is insomnia in it's most basic form. The long term girl is the important part of this. Because unless she loves you, she isn't going to wake up just to have a quick fuck.

The good news, is that she loves me. She woke up to my hand in her panties and now she's back asleep and we're both satisfied.

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Be jealous

I am going to pride in San Fran to stalk Tegan Quin. I have the best life.

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He locked up my heart in jail(important info at the bottom)

Hey ya'll,

Thanks for the feed back on my last journal. I'll keep the play by play to a minimum. :)

I didn't post about this at all on here, but I was sexually involved with a teacher who taught at the high school I went to from the time I was 16 until I was 19. I have ridiculous PTSD that is triggered by the most random of things. A song by 311, the smell of chlorine, being held too tight. It ended in him going to jail and I sued the school district and walked away with some cash.

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Does anybody remember Ruby and her sexually explicit journals? Sweet Jesus. Those were the highlight of my younger Oasis days.
I find myself wanting to share similar (similar only because I have a vagina) things, but cautious. I am 21 years old and I have been at this sex thing for a long while. I feel like I have things to say and things to share. However, I think I'm a bit shy. Is it even legal for me to be sharing sexually explicit writings on a youth website? I know others have shared details and it "appeared" to go over well. I don't read every comment, so I could be wrong.

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Hail to the cheif

I am officially 21. As of the 11th. I feel ancient. :]

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Today, I am happy. :D. Sunshine and rainbows and love and bunnies and snuggles and happiness. Just saying. :)

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Duct Tape Godess...In real life her name starts with an M.

She is cute and smart and hilarious...

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In which Amy spills her guts to strangers :)

Props to Riku. I kinda stole your title... :)

I haven't written anything on here in a long, long time. I want to feel connected to something. I turn on my music and turn down the lights and get comfortable to journal. Sitting here with my mac and hearing the tap of the keys is like reconnecting with an old friend.

I say that I want to feel connected, but at the same time I feel so different from all of you. I'm not sure why exactly. This could be the longest journal in the history of gayness.

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I feel like the oldie on here. I know I haven't been here the longest, but I think I might be one of the older in age that lurks. I used to be pretty active on here. I gotta say, Oasis probably saved my sanity more than once.

I lurk about on here every day. I read every journal. I know that a few of you are struggling. I recognize that struggle. I've seen it in myself and there are days when I look in the mirror and I still see wild behind my eyes.

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Well hello there....

How is everyone?

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My girl and I have officially named our first two kids:

Johnnie Hiccup (Irish Last Name Here)
July Rain (Irish Last Name Here)

Just thought you all should know. I love my life!

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