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Loss- We've almost all experienced it in our lives at sometime or another. Sometimes it's easier to deal with then other times.
Tomorrow marks the 6 month anniversary of my grandfather's death.
I miss him soo much.
I miss him driving me to school or other things.
I miss him tapping his fingers on the steering wheel even though it used to annoy the hell outta me.

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Oasis has a myspace??!!

So i just realized/found oasis mag's myspace and i tried to add but u need a last name or an email. so what is it or can you add me whoever runs it www.myspace.com/shock_basketball06

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Well im trying ot pass along the GAY LIKE ME word to my friends. I don't know if they'll do it theyt hink things i think are cool are kinda stupid sometimes but i'm trying to get the message out there but i dunno.

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string bracelet lesbin ID

So i made mself one of those bracelets/strins/dyke id's... Its not the right shade but i figure till i can go out and get the right color it'll work. lol i just htink it's a neat idea. I understand when people say why do we need to have a lesbian Id. But i thin it could make life a lot easier because epecially with lipstick lesbian's you never know.

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More into Men...

So i just really felt like writing a poem. All the sudden i'm into it even though i'm not good at it. This one i just felt like making something rhyme.

More into Men

Once again she was high,
I let out an exasperated sigh.
A full day of partying
And a long night of barfing.
She promised she wouldn’t
Because she knows she really shouldn’t.

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Fog day boredom

Happy fog day.... or soo i thought.
It is a fog day down here for me so of course being the teenager i am i opted to stay at home. Thinking maybe a friend might possibly want to do something. WRONG WRONG WRONG.
One friend is sleeping and lives to far away to come over anyway.
One friend has a hockey game.
Another actually went to school.

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Final EDITION - The Real Me

I looked to Rachel for support.
She was no longer a friend of mine.
They were all gone now,
all those people I once called friends.
Gone in an instant
after only a few short sentences.
They expected me to be just like them;
long beautiful locks of hair placed in the latest style,

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The 1 in 10-- Poem

So i just felt like writing this poem i got this idea from somones GLM submission when they said htey were the 1 in 10. So i got inspiration.

The 1 in 10
I’m a daughter.
I’m a sister.
I'm a grandaughter
I'm a lover.
I’m a friend.
I’m an enemy.
I’m a person.
I'm a teen.
I’m the 1 in 10.
I’m a lesbian.
I fight for my rights.

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Best Fing day EVER!!!!!!! RENT

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited and i just can't hide it!!!

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20 homophobes in a living room

So last night i went to one of my good friend's Sweet 16 party. There were about 22 people there all together it was a little crowded because her house is rather small. I wasn't really looking forward to it because i know that her friends are totaly different then mine and are pretty immature. Twister was amusing.

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Tristan Prettyman- Song- REVIEW- LISTEN

So here's another one of my musicy things. i was checking out my friend's myspaces and the one friend had this as her song. And i didn't initialy love it but half way through it i fell in love. I'm like this is a great song I LOVE it!!!

Its called Love Love Love by Tristan Prettyman

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Missy Higgins- Music Review-SONGS

Um so i haven't done a music thing in awhile its probably because i've been tooo in love with the songs to share them. So the first two are by Missy Higgins.

Please disregard the video and just listen to this one. It's called the Special Two.

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fluxuates like OPRAH's Weight

So i've been meaning to post a couple of times and then i write it all out in my head but then when i'm about to typw it it all gets lost and i don't write it down. It's just been hard. I have no clue but writing has become something i ahte to do rather then i love to do. I HATE IT!

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day after

So my valentine's day was good its always just another day for me. I've never ever had someone and well i've learned to just ignore people. But it was today the day after valentines that was horrible because it basically was valentine's day since we didn't have school yesterday because of the snow.

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Ok so i hae enlgish this semester and we are being made to write either a lyric poem, non-fiction short story, fiction shirt story and i forget the other one. Well i'm doing a lyric poem because it doesn't have to rhyme which i like. The topic is Belonging. That poem for many of us is easy. I've written like3 and based on two comments from 2 people this is what i've decided on.

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