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Re:I got plenty of blues & sorta bad news & i need to find me some cheer

Yeh so i totaly agree about the fucking storm that just went through last night. For us down here it was teh first major one and like damn i wish i had the snow blower from my dads house. The snow is honestly up to my knee. It sucks ass.

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Weird Dances, Videos, Songs and MUsic

Throught out my short life there has been many dance crazes. This journal was originaly going to be about boy bands but it became about weird dances. I miss the young days where everyone new these dances. Now this new generation of kids doesn't know how to do the Macarena and even some kids my age and it is truly dissapointing. Watch these video's remember your younger days and enjoy

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Not sure...

OK so i have no clue whats wrong with me. I started to cry because i ddint want to go grocery shopping with my mom and then later she and my sis were goign to a movie that i didnt wanna see and then dinner i wasn't invited to.

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Jeff- Reviews- random

Wow so i am completely amazed by jeff. EVERY time i come on line there is another review posted by him. And i'm on like hourly. It's insane.
Just want to let Jeff know that your doing an AMAZING JOB!!!

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First Kiss

Okay so tonight i had my friends over for this foods assingment i had to cook dinner for my family. Since that only consits of me and my mom at home i invited over friends. I made chciken fingers, cream corn, salad, and garlic bread. It was really really good. But later me and my three friends Linz, Mia, and Heather went upstairs.

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So today in my careers class (its stupid but mandatory for all gr. 10s) We had one of the other teachers come in and talk to us about co-op. I don't know who out there is familiar with it bascially for half the day you work. You dont get paid but you work in the of yor interest.

What gay themed tv shows do you watch?

Gay T.V shows NO WAY!!
0% (0 votes)
Everyone i've ever heard of
12% (2 votes)
Just Will and Grace
18% (3 votes)
L Word
35% (6 votes)
South of Nowhere
12% (2 votes)
Noah's Arc
6% (1 vote)
Other (please list below)
18% (3 votes)
Total votes: 17
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Jordan Pruitt- Outside Looking In

So heres another one of my songs. Well my song reviews. I'm quite into it now.
This song is by Jordan Pruitt. It's called OUtside Looking In. She wrote it when she was in gr. 6 or something silly like that.

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Carrie Underwood - Wasted

So this is the third instalement of my Music Video thingy whatever you choose to call it.
This is Carrie Underwood's Wasted. Carrie Underwood is ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY GREAT! She won the 4th American Idol i think or the 5th I'm thinking the 4th or maybe even the 3rd.
Watch the movie and like always there will be comments at the end.

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I geuss i was in denial all along. I didn't wanna believe that mom and dad were no longer mom'n'dad but rather now Mom ...... and ....... Dad to seperate people. Two sepereate people who don't live together or share anything then two amazing daughters.
I've been in denial that my dad has been seeing someone else. Some of this can be blamed on him for trying to hide it or keep it a secret.

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Hard day-rant-read

I've had a really hard day today. It's one of those days where nothing seems to be going your way and everything turns out wrong.
1) It was cold. Yes i realize it was cold everywhere and it''s always cold in Canada but STILL!!! LOL If it's gunna be that cold it could at least snow more so that i don't have to go to school.

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Not ready to make nice--- Dixie Chicks

So i've pretty much decided to do a bi weekly or a daily or im not sure how often lil song write-up. It'll be a song that means something to me and who i am at that particular time. Or whatever my fav. song is when i'm posting.

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DEAR Mr. President

Ok so i got inspired by ForeverEndedToday's journal entry. And she had youtube video of Pink performing Dear Mr. President. Kepp reading after the video and i will say what i need to. Just watch and listen.

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Hey well ist 11 21pm here me n my friend are just on webcam with each to other and i am completely bored im working on a resume. I can't remember anything else i've done for vollunteer work. All my volunteer work as been over the bast 5 yrs doing the same 3 things. Checking car seats, volunteering at my moms work and coaching baseball. That last two i've only done for 2 years.

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