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So what if I'm a follower who is also addicted to survey-y things?

Ok, this was stolen from 5thstory who stole it from Clarice who stolen it from Ruby.

Birthday:: Jan 30 1989
Birthplace:: Philadelphia, PA
Eye Color:: Brown
Hair Color:: Dark Brown
Height:: 5’4'
Weight:: 120 lbs
Right handed or Left handed?: right
Your Heritage:: German, Italian, English, Russian, and possibly some French

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Ok so today was one of those shitty ass days where everything that could go wrong does and you find yourself asking why the fuck is this happening to you. That turns into why the hell do I bother, then why the hell am I still here? After hours of endless self inflicted mind torture you realize it's six days until the anniversary of when you tried to kill yourself.

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I haven't posted in forever, but I just felt like saying I have the most awesome-y hat ever that I found on South st that was sold to me by some guy that barely speaks english, but seems like a dandy fellow anyway.
It's fleece-lined and knitted with ear flappies not to mention it's rainbow...

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Funny How...

It's weird how you turn to the same old things for comfort. Even if you know it's leading somewhere bad...

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amp overdrive

Hey everyone... I've missed keeping up with everyone on here, but I havent had the urge to write until now...
So I moved out of my house & living with my friend and my girlfriend. Which living w. my gf is not actually all that weird bc we're also friends so it's not as weird as I think it would have been if we weren't friends first, you know?

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It's in the ABC's of growing up.

Imogen Heap = pretty amazing

Anyway. Last night my girlfriend and I had a really great conversation. It was really really nice b/c we havent had enough time to really talk lately.


The real reason for this...

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politic - many blood suckers

I haven't really commented lately bc of school related things, but I got an e-mail and decided to vent about it (lucky you!).

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Everything will be alright... so say the Killers.

Drunk and riding around at 1 AM. This is not how I imagined remembering Rick. He is indestructible. He was indestructible. It’s so hard to believe he’s gone, within one passing second a drunk driver sped past the cross-walk, his best friend unable to pull him back, that fast. Poor kid, he blames himself, I can tell. They say he was killed on impact. That’s good right? Not much pain?

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Two minutes left of my birthday.
I actually had a great time for once.
Good night Oasis.

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Here goes...

I was reading a post someone made a while ago and that reminded me / inspired me to tell my story of "recognition"(I guess you could call it that...).
This is going to be rather long-winded or I may leave out parts so it won't make sense... So if you read this and have any questions, just ask...

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