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The Drowsy Chaperone

I went to see The Drowsy Chaperone last night. Very fun show, Bob Saget was wonderful. Everyone was. The highlight of the night?

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One Day More

I just got a call from school (automated of course) that there was a graffiti bomb threat at the other high school in my district. Alas, I still have school tomorrow.

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So, I Did It

I came out to my parents. I just decided to get it over with Saturday night. I'm bisexual. The end.

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Homo say what?

I just burned myself making pasta. The water was feisty. It kept jumping out of the pot and on to me. Ouch. I'm okay though, no worries.

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I got a 174. Eh. My math score was 55 and my verbal was 64. I'm fine with math but verbal I want at least a 700 on the SAT. Uch.
At least it went up from last yer (161).

I got cast as Mrs. Phagan in Parade. Yaaay. Happy Chanukkah to me. That was my present.

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Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah!

Or...Chanukkah, Chanukah, Hanukah, etc.

The math test went over pretty well. Not too much suffering on my part. Now I get to wait and see how well (or poorly) I did.

I got a $50 gift card to Borders. I am...ecstatic. If you want to make me happy, give me large sums of money to spend at bookstores.

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Math. Blah.

I half a math test on half-angle formulas and double angles formulas and proving identities.

I went to my math tutor today and usually after she re-teaches me everything (...my teacher is a crazy psycho who can't teach to non-geniuses) I get it. Today I was crying.

Uch. This is hard. I hate this. ARGHH.

A blender fell on my moms toe. Very painful.

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World AIDS Day

So yea. Happy World AIDS Day everyone. Totally check out http://www.sexetc.org for some info about AIDS and other stuff. Cool beans there.

Nothing too new. I just added a bunch of movies that were reviewed here to my Netflix queue. Looking forward to watching them all. Fun little gay film festival of my own.

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It's Turkey-Lurkey Time...

Love that song. It's actually about Christmas though, isn't it?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (well, everyone who celebrates it I guess), I had a nice time. I don't much like Thanksgiving food. Or at least the Jew-Thanksgiving food. Turkey, brisket, marshmallow & sweet-potato, chips with hummus etc. But the chocolate brownie pie was kick-ass good. Mmmm so good.

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Help a sister out, COMING OUT TO PARENTS article

Hey guys, I write for a comprehensive sex ed magazine called Sex, Etc. I'm writing an article on coming out to parents.

I wanted to get some quotes from teens.

If you would like to send a short quote about either

a) Your experience telling your parents or
b) Advice to other teens

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DBT, Life and running away

My psychiatrist decided that my current therapy is not working and I should switch. Because it's SO obvious it's not the medication. Whatever. Fine.
I'm supposed to go to DBT which is Dialectal Behavioral Therapy. I have a friend who goes. She told me it was Diabolical Behavioral Therapy. By accident. Freudian slip?

School is going okay. From my English class I have learned 3 three things:

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Tyne Daly and Christopher Seiber

I saw Tyne Daly and Chris Seiber today! I went to the Broadway Flea Market. Very Fun. I got a free Mary Poppins soundtrack. Ironic because I actually hate Mary Poppins.

School is very tiring and boring and has a lot of work.

Dancing is amazing.

I'm going to see Across the Universe now. I've heard from people that it's amazing. I can't wait.

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Rocky Horror (again), Books, Life, Spring Awakening

The opening of Rocky went very well actually. Amazing compared to what it was the day before (absolute crap). It was great. I'm excited to open with the other cast on Saturday.

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Rocky Horror Opening

Rocky Horror opens tonight. Uhh...we're not ready. Oh well. I'll have a good time. Even though my parents and family friends that have known me since I was two are going to be there. I'll sex it up.

I love Mallomars a lot. So yummy.

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More Rocky Horror and a summer update

Rocky rehearsals are exhausting. The dancing is intense, this is my first day off since Monday. Tomorrow we have a six hour rehearsal but it is finally at the theater! Woohoo. I have bug bites all over me (in...random places) from the gross temple that we've been rehearsing at. The garbage there has not been taken out in...I don't know. I don't really want to know.

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