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Bisexuals take over RHPS

My friend L told me that a few of her friends in Rocky Horror with us were bi. Specifically one girl who I thought was cute. Unfortunately she has a boyfriend at the moment. But it's nice to know there a few other girls that could be potential mates (um...I actually hate the word but I digress). I also have a small puppy crush on the AD. He has pretty blue eyes.

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50 Things About Me (yay I get to talk about myself)

1. I actually don't like talking about myself
2. I'm afraid of dogs.
3. I generally don't like animals
4. I have two cats, everyone loves them
5. I love to dance
6. I love performing in general
7. I just got casted in Rocky Horror and I'm super excited
8. I don't really like guys right now. I just like girls
9. My favorite color is baby blue

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Rocky Horror, Questioning, Spring Awakening

I'm a phantom in Rocky Horror, it's so exciting! The cast looks great and rehearsals start TOMORROW!!!

The downside? I can't register for dance class :-( my mom has to go do it. Uch... A little miffed about that.

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It's Shabbat...I like women

It's very peaceful and quiet at home right now, just like Shabbat should be.

I just did a first draft of my article, due Sunday. I'll work more on it tomorrow and send it in. It's on the word 'queer', so much fun.

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Back From Camp(us)

So I spent a fantastically amazing 2 weeks at the Kutz Campus for Reform Jewish Teen Life. I felt so open about my sexuality there. I met a lot of wonderful people. I took a LBGTQQA class. We watched But I'm A Cheerleader, Saved (heh why not?) and TransAmerica. Both of my RA's were great and although there were some issues and major drama within my bunk we all seemed to get along pretty well.

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Yay Gay Jews...at camp...

So last week I dyed my hair back to black (haha). The blue was all washed out and I was bored of it.

Yesterday I went to a rally outside the UN building because of the IDF soldiers that are still being held hostage. Eisner brought their Machon kids, Kutz brought everyone and Ramah Berkshires brought Gesher.

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My Friend is a Slut and Can't Get a Date

One of my closest friends in the entire world is the biggest slut in our group of friends. I say that because I am sure there are plenty of other people in our school who are just as, if not more, slutty. But I don't know them. I know her.

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Raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses, it's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses

I'm on a Panic! At the Disco kick, what can I say?

I do believe this summer is going to be grand. I got a job writing for Sex, Etc. and it's all amazing and wonderful. I am going to the Planned Parenthood Teen Advocate graduation and hopefully that will lead me to being involved with that (yay for sex work!) and my friends are awesome.

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Blue Hair, Regents, NYC Pride

On Thursday I dyed my hair blue, I'm getting it touched-up today. 2 hours under the dryer with the bleach. Torrrrture.

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A Funny Thing Happened on the way...

So I have this friend who is also bi-sexual. He's my bestest buddy everrrrr. Ok, so, he's only out to like a handful of people so essentially nobody at school knows but since he's in drama and chorus everyone jokes about him being gay. It's all in good fun, don't worry.

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First Journal Entry...TONY'S TONIGHT!

So...this is my first journal entry on Oasis *cheer*

The Tony's are tonight, I'm so excited! I'm cheering for Spring Awakening all the way. They're a shoe in for best lighting but I'm of course crossing my fingers for more.

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