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Why did every single customer call me Ma'am today? I was working drive-through, and literally EVERY SINGLE F***ING CUSTOMER called me ma'am

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In 1978, His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, said, “The truth is not always the same as the majority decision.” I believe that it fully applies to us, as gay men and women.

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I quit my job

I quit my job. I just got so tired of all the harassment and everything, so I went and quit today. How am I going to find a decent job, now when all my bills are due and I have no money>

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I finally get to leave the hell that is Speedway 1194. My district manager has finally heard the entire story of what my coworkers have been doing to me, so intead of firing them all, he is giving themm all 2 write-ups and allowing me to transfer to another store.

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First Day of College

Well, today was my first day of School at Sinclair Community College. I had two classes today: MAT 101: Elementary Algebra, and LAW 101: Business Law 1. Tomorrow, I have ACC 121: Financial Accounting. I hope to survive tomorrow, because I know for a fact that I have the campus's toughest professor.

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My 21st Birthday

The Countdown Begins:

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Work... The Sequel

Well. After five months of hell working with "Jane Doe", who (how shall I put this kindly... oh, hell, there is NO way to put it nicely) was an absolute b*tch, she finally got fired. Jane was one of the biggest homophobes at my work, and harassed me to no end, and even tried to out me to my family before I was ready.

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You know how disappointing it is to only have ONE number out of six for the lottery when the jackpot is $370,000,000? However, if no one wins the jackpot tonight, then Friday's jackpot will be $470 million.

How many of you are actually out to your families?

65% (13 votes)
35% (7 votes)
Total votes: 20
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The Quiet Boy

I have had a crush on one of my best friends, Josh, for two years now. He is the hottest guys I know. However, he never, NEVER, talks because of something that happened when he was younger that has paralysed his vocal cords.

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I hate my job. All they ever do is harass me for being gay. Why can't I ever just go somewhere where being gay doesn't matter?

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