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I am officially coining the term 'Lesbiature'; literature + lesbian = lesbiature!!! Kissing Kate, Keeping You a Secret, etc., all qualify as lesbiature! So there you go, a handy little term for your reading material! Enjoy! ^^

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And I said it was a good day.

I know it's emo to have a line like that and not explain and leave everything to the imagination, but right now, lets just say things are going to shit, I did something really stupid, my friend's in trouble, I'm afraid I might get suspended, and I need hugs. I'll tell the whole story over the weekend, I promise.

Apologies for the emo.

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Well, it's some good stuff, yay!

My art paper is finished. My cutter friend is doing a lot better. The clouds are really, really pretty and inspired me into this totally awesome piano improvisation. I'm going to see Mozart's Requiem performed by the National Chorale tomorrow. Saturday I'm teching and teaching my friend D&D. I got Keeping You a Secret out of the library.

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Holy fuck. Her parents are SO incredibly..... OH. MY. GOD. So, my best friend wanted to do DoS today. Just a week or so ago, her parents totally busted her; found out where she was going after school, that she had a boyfriend, that stuff. And yesterday she said she was doing DoS. They had a bad reaction, and she stood up to them.

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I just came out to _______

... our lab technician. He said he was doing DoS with us, then he was like, "how are things with *insert my "boyfriend's" name*?" And I sorta went "... I'm a lesbian." LMAO HE WAS SO AWKWARD!!!

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Omg... my first DoS... I feel all rite-of-passage-y... ^^ Yeah, stupid, I know, but whatever, I think it's an awesome concept. So, yeah, excited. It's tomorrow, since it's past midnight. Gah, I need more sleep. Anyway, yeah, that's all I'm here to say. And I'm rather resigned to the fact that I won't get comments on this... *sniffle*

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Yeah, I know, I'm so tortured...

It's just that, she came over today, and at the end of things I was just kind of lying on her, and it was..... argh! She was saying all these amazing things and making me feel so good about myself, and then she kissed the top of my head, and it was..... aah! Damn these hormones!

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Seder, More Cutting

It's my first seder since my great-uncle Al died.

My best friend is considering cutting and acting like a drama queen, and I'm still hopelessly in love with her.

I haven't really talked to me other cutter friend about her cutting in ages.

My grandmother's coming over. I'm not sure if I should come out to her. She'll be taking my room and generally being half-senile and annoying.

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"Do you know what your clitoris is?"

Heh, I suppose I should explain the title of this entry, because I assume it's the only reason any of you reading this clicked the link in the first place......... first of all, though, let me say: TERM PAPER IS TURNED IN, SCHOOL IS OVER, SPRING BREAKKKKKKKK!!!!!

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More than friends? MEEP??!?!?!

Okay, so, pop quiz on my life.

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It smells like spring!!!

Well, it does. yesterday was the first day of spring. today, it smelled like spring. it made me really happy. and the sky was pretty and cloudy.

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Long Time, No Journal

Yeah, it's been a while since I actually journal'd. But, hey, not-doing-homework is not-doing-homework.

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Friggin' Pasteur......

I haven't written a real journal in a while (not that I've been a member for all that long, though...), and this one isn't breaking the trend. No, my dear friends, this journal has one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to inform everyone that I am writing a term paper I really, really do not want to be writing. Argh.

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Yay ^^

Hung out with her on the subway for half an hour or so, killing time. We were half-flirting, only not really. And I managed to be leaning against her without this random awkward sexual tension I-want-very-much-to-kiss-her. Not sure how it came about, but I ended up crying a little (wtf is it with me and crying to her in the subway???), but it felt... good.

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The Flying Prostitute

I love techies ^^ did spot for ACS (tech rehersal, more accurately)... but, techies are awesome. Not as much Sherwin, I dun know him so much and he can be snippy... but Zach and Yaffa are just plain awesome. It's really cool how they can be three grades above me and still treat me as an equal and not condescend.... it makes me happy ^^ (Sherwin isn't as good about it.... ah well.) But, yeah.

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