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anglo phobia or fear fear FEAR
reminisicient BUT not revolt ineither not this time
what now hir phobiC voice distrusb (urbs) your timbre sie SHOUTOUTOUT
you Distrust hir at this very moment you SCRY you curpmel (crumbell) del-i-cate-ley,
suddenelly! timeless, weightless,
recessing, incessant SHOU T from hir pit of knowledge and white tongue

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ha ha ha, he he he, I'm the laughing gnome and you cahn't catch me

I am so bored. It's 4:24 so my mummy is not back yet from the railroads.
I missed my chance to get coffee when she came back for lunch. I wish our coffee didn't taste like burnt coffee, even when it's not. Now I have to wait.

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I AM the famed banshee of insomnia

It's 1:32 AM. I am watching the Colbert Report. Which I have never seen before. I am eating a bagel and OMG it's magical.
haha he said "they can lead wildlife conservationists down a bold new path" then the words "the digestive tract" came up. haha.

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Quatre Poèmes.

Wait v5 - The Littlest Sparrow 7.14.07
i’m the kind to run alone
without knowledge or the truth
i died some inside
but the swell overwhelmed me like the upbeat.

I wished the color would rush in
and show the place how i really felt.
i didn't think of her today
but i thought of no one else.
violent blues, lonely blues,
i’m off like the littlest sparrow

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Know that the 8lb lost was not water weight.

I went to the doctor yesterday and guess what I didn't want to kill myself this time. Because I hate Linda Handy. She looked in my ear and I was FINE, Linda Handy. Telling me I need cleaning. Telling me I'm overweight. Then they took my blood and I still have the bruise. It makes me look cool, I'd say. I asked to see what my weight was, and it's 126. Then I asked, what was it last time?

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Écouter et répéter.

I quit russian after Lesson 2. Because it made me miss French too much. It's ok though I guess, because I tend to retain words I don't remember learning in french, but in russian I can't even remember the difference between кто, and что.

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I don't like jazz. There I said it.

First of all, what the fuck is up with all the fucking spam lately? What the fuck? Someone should turn off the "guest posting"....!?! I mean GOD DAMN


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They should condemn my house yet again

Well, first of all I was trying to tell my friend to watch this really great movie, and she said she wanted to PREVIEW it first on youtube! wtf. This film is a work of art. Art can't be previewed; it's degrading.

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All right my friends...

Have you ever cut your hair so drastically that you didn't recognise yourself? Well, that happened to me today. It took probably 90 minutes. But now I look like a cross between Sinead O'Connor and a gypsy.


And photobucket is being an asshole, as usual, so I can't post the actual picture.

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I Say Noise

I Say Noise!
(But so does the sun.)
I’m in a corner entirely
Still while the cougar approaches,
(But he approaches everyone.)
And so my scent exposes me,
I shun myself,
As the winter once did, and the pond so juicy.

I Hear Craters!
scared like a magnet
(journey where the hail falls,)
into my only cornea like the sun.
(I say Noise! and now I’m the stagnant one.)

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I am PO'ed.

How will I ever explain to colleges why I never got a job? They won't believe when I say they are all a bunch of arse wipes. Well, today I went to my friend's work to give them my application. She said they needed closers. So, I put on "hours available", 8AM to close.

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look around, because I'm here, like yesterday

I say everything I've always thought but never said! I say that thinking about how much I agreee with my own songs. They are still relevant to me. How wonderful.

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A few points for you to read...

1. I've had a headache all day even after taking medicine. Twice.
2. I had a large cuppocino today and yet felt nothing.
3. However, at the fair today, I felt like I was extremely high on someone's second-hand marijuana smoke. And I know it was there. I mean it's the fair. I know these people. It annoys me because even just the mention of it gives me adverse reactions now. I hate it.

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La réconciliation / Parle

c'était le réconciliation
je t'aimerai quand je viens, quand je vais, quand je pense que
il n'y a pas de réconciliation
je t'ai eu, et j'ai apprendu
puis; toujours; et pour quoi?
Je n'avais pas raison,
Tu n'avais pas tort.
J'espère que tu vois que tu as tort un jour. je sais que je suis masochiste
et maintenant, rien pour moi comme toujours........

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cos you can never really tell

I can't get a job.
I don't want one, but who really does? Although I think that my lack of interest is prohibiting me from getting one. Not like I haven't tried; because I've tried a hell of a lot more than everyone else who tells me they "got a job omg".

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