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Of Youth

well i refined the think/tank degenerate
in a pained yet naturelle disguise in the forest of black Rimbaud
washed in the rivers with the iron grate of Rimbaud
demi/speed in the changing hosts of the will to lead
in the water / washed in the chorus of rivers

past the heating vent in a cascading impulse like every hair of Magritte

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people staring, lady calling me sir, it's 10PM & too early

Today was a crazy day. I almost refrained from writing a journal today but I had to when I remembered what happened this morning.

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would you carry a razor just in case of depression?

Well I did watch SOMEONE this morning. She i think is a loser. Because she looks so confused alone. I watched her from above. I watched for a long time.
I was already having a bad morning because we had a bus drill, which are by default humiliating.

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someone's been stealing the L word

This is long but read it for it will enlighten you.

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here she comes now now now

There is much to say and yet we are strangers and we have no history.
Forewarning: even though if anyone I know finds this, they will figure it out instantly, I will use initials anyway. Because I am so paranoid as it is.

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well well

Firstly, jeff is my new best friend since I have been trying to join this site for a long, long time.
And I think they might have put this message up for me:

If you are not getting confirmation e-mails from Oasis to complete your membership, don't hesitate to e-mail jeff at oasismag dot com

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