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This a little somthing i wrote after hating a girl who sat smiling every day untill her girlfriend came when she'd leave a perfectly clean safety pin on her pants or in her hand. A tear a day for the skin unbroken is a wasted tear indeed,so shed a tear for those unspoken;those the most in need.

"See my scars and my tears
Sympathy I need
Showing Clothes pins on my jeans

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Blood comes flowing
Through the blade
It cant be coming
From me

Breath comes quickly
From my chest
All the more

Why do I feel this way
A mixture of releif and dismay
Another Scar Another day
Make it go away

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My mind

I wrote this when i was trying to figure out if i was insane or just trying to justify my actions by that thought.

I scare myself
I trick myself every day
I go through all the motions
of a normal human being
But in my head
Youll find im not the same
Anxiety is to classify me
But Im not sure
If this thought is pure
Is it all a dillusion
Just a boring ammusion

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Current Events

Emptiness will consume you
Ripping your inerds out
You try hard to prevent it
The numbness makes you shout

Being alone,lonely
Will only strengthen me
I am the shadow that
Talks to you in your dreams

Dont watch the news
Dont read, dont write
Just sit down in the cold all night

Let the world buzz around you
Let it live and breath your air
Let the humans in their own worlds

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I hate you every time you walk into my room
Because I think your going to yell at me as you did before
I hate you every time you stare
Because I think you're glaring as you did before
I hate you every time you cuss
Because I think you'll blow up as you did before
I hate you everytime you call my name
Because I think you'll blame me as you did before
I hate you when you get mad

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