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gus, the puppy

This is actually Jules writing from Montreal while Holly takes care of this little guy post bath. His name is Gus. And, at seven weeks, he is as busy as this picture is blurry because of it. He's our new little puppy, a welcome addition to our new apartment in Ottawa.

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snow sticking to my teeth

I am in the most beautiful and lovely Timmins, with the most beautiful and lovely Jules.

I am dreaming about the perogies we are going to eat for lunch, the taffy we are going to make in the snow this afternoon, and her best friend I am about to meet.

She is playing a game of chess with her Dad, a two minute asswhooping. She keeps on making mushy faces while making her king dance across the board.

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257 words to read

Inspired by a bout of procrastination, I figured that I’d stop by Oasis and see what was new. Jeepers Creepers (ha ha ha, I’ll take any chance I’m offered to slip in a nostalgia inducing expression)!!! There is a whole smack of new people here, and, I must give a sweeping hats off bow to Adrian who has done a most fabulous job with this site. Good work and a return hello.

My life, you ask? Last time I blogged here was during the summer.

I am still a student. I am still re-writing that very same thesis proposal. I have finished organizing that conference, Transforming Spaces, and I am just about done working for POWER Camp National.

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to jules i go

On Thursday I will find my way to the airport.

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Who drinks blue light?

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parole/langue; paradigm/syntagm; denotation/connotation

Sometimes I lack a language with which to speak.

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so, i have a girlfriend...

So folks, this is some Oasian style drama for you. I have been a little preoccupied as of late - I mean, I am writing a thesis, volunteering like a fiend, conferencing and writing potentially publishable papers - and then I met this girl... Right, so the rest of that has temporarily gone to shit. I've been distracted, ok?


h> Will you go out with me?
j> I don't know. Will your mom drive us places?

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notes on sleep

4-20 day: a 7pm to 1am nap adds new meaning to the definition of power naping.

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This means EITHER/OR:

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the power of yarn

The power of mitts on a sting.

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some people... (walks away shaking her head)

Sometimes you really piss me off.

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when i am not saving the world, i am watching it fall at my feet

But I'm a sadistic little bitch and the three of us are watching the wipe-out olympics from the window.

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For JB...

OMG...that's all I have to say. J'nR.


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smoking impatience


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to be your exoskeleton

Happy Endings Are All Alike. It

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