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A Poem or pros or something like that

Walking briskly, white wind in my face.
I've come a long way to be in this place.
I see you there judging my case
But I walk right past you to be a star.
Shooting madly across the sky.
To be like a star in someones eye.

I want to impress you with what I can do.
I want to confess all the way through.
I want to be a star in the sky.
I want to be there in your eye.

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Late night with Damon

I worked 'til about 10:00 last night. The coffeeshop closes at 9:00 but there was a lot of clean up to be done. The fryer gets changed every Tuesday in case the fish from the Friday fish special starts to make the fries taste like clam chowder.

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So anyway, thanks for the comments. I wasn't expecting that to happen for a week or two.
You can picture it all very well if you think of that painting with the farmer and his wife standing in front of their farmhouse with the pitch fork and rake.
Imagine the five of us standing infront of the house with that bewildered farmer look. Maybe Sarah Brightman singing Pie Jesu in the background.

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Back again

Is it my imagination or did I manage to do something useful two days in a row?
Ok so here's the family tree. I have a mom but no dad, he died from cancer two years ago. I am the oldest of four boys, I'm sixteen. Charles (chucky) is next at 14, then there is Paul who is 12 and Danny who is 10. It seems that mom and dad managed to get romantic every two years huh?

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A what? A journal?

I have no clue why I am here. I guess I need a place to not be judged or asked what the hell I am doing, a secret place to feel like I am alone and still being heard.
I think if we are honest with ourselves, we all need that. We are so busy putting on a front for our friends and family that we rarely have the chance to just scream out our fears and not be judged.

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