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Tuesday's Anti-LGBT hate crime, and the return of Kevin Jennings, I am out raged

A message from Executive Director Kevin Jennings


As you may know, I returned to GLSEN following a five month sabbatical last week.

The below was not the kind of welcome back news I was hoping for.

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I wonder what it feels like (wrote this almost a month ago)

I wonder what it feels like to get a paycheck, to show up to work, to feel like there is a purpose to my life. I am a year away from high school graduation and I have yet to find my purpose in life. I feel as if must be one of lost dreams, corrupted hope and no sense of direction. I only see a cliff that I am being pushed towards after graduation.

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Gone, Gone for the weekend.


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If It's The Economy, Then Why Is It Only Affecting Me?

In an recent exchange of emails with a slightly older college senior friend of mine, I had discussed my never ending quest for employment and how I am constantly ignored and turned away. I applied for seasonal all over the place and just no one ever called back. I don't understand when my peers are having no trouble obtaining employment and I'm the one here struggling.

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Today was the Day, Today is the Day, I don't know what to say

sent as a messege to me on facebook from ricky a few people here have been sent this already... This wasnt me who came out, It was someone I really like, a member here, Ricky.

"I had a feeling"

that today I would come out to Mom. A few weeks ago, I picked out a day to come out to her and wrote it down: August 25th. So it's fate, I guess.

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I called someone today... Summer is almost over

Well everyone I called Ricky today :) this seems like it might go somewhere. That somewhere is to the magical land of gay teen romance. In any news it was raining here for a while today... and I'm also listening to bad music on some sh outcast internet radio station thing. but I changed the channel and its better a bit now.

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I wonder sometimes

I sometimes wonder if people do things to be nice and get my hopes up. I sometimes wonder if they really do care about things. or if I'm just taking too much and that they just feel bad?

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Well tomorrow Jeff (the creator of this site will be turning 39... So I just thought if you would like to say something to him leave it here...

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Thanks Pat!!! for the books...

Thanks for donating the books... Even though you still haven't technically donated them yet...

Just wanted to publicly thank you here on Oasis.

Thanks all for now


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Ranting of a rant... Not emo this time

Not much is going on my gay little world lately... Just ushual things in my home nothing new except I'm eating a box of cheeze it's I remeber when I put them in a VCR when I was a little kid... I know how bad of me

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Pour my soul into the spinning blades of a Fan

Beyond the Border Is what I want to see

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So activists turn people off?

My mom says everything that I'm doing is going to turn off people at my school. Make them think negatively of me, I don't know what else

I just don't care any more just shoot me. Fuck it all, I don't want to fight any more.

Since she says Peter just wants to use me, I will just return to dwelling about Chris.

I wish things would change for something else...

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Raise Your Hand if you are an Oasis whore?

I raised my hand there see :)

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Why aren't the most obvious people out when ever I walk through the gayborhood? Does my grandmom scare em all away?

I did get to walk past the gay book store "Giovannis Room" and see a little sticker in the window of a map of the us with rainbow all over it :)

\end rant

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A Weekend away from Philadelphia

I'm getting away from this god forsaken city of mine. It is really becoming a mad house of blood and bullets and tears. I don't know how the media is able to bring it to words, It has become so far that I have caught the media lying on T.V. about the number of murders here. I don't live in the ghetto but it's all over and soon no area of the city will be sane and blood free.

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