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Yay rejection -.-''

Yeah. So I asked the cute girl out today. And I did it reaaaaaally awkwardly (but it was the most composed and self-aware awkward I've ever seen, so I guess that's alright?) And I was sure to say, "please feel free to say no if you don't want to." Because really, I didn't want to force her into anything. So she looked awkward, and i said, "I won't be offended if you say no," and... she said no. But that she was very flattered. And then she was like, when are we rehearsing next? (Me and her and a friend are singing Girlyman for our GSA show thing.) So that's... good, I guess?

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A Little Win to Brighten Your Day

From One Sentence Stories.

My bisexual 14-year-old daughter put a middle school teacher in her place when she complained being examined by a female OB/GYN would make her feel "like a queer" with four perfect words: "I AM a queer."

This made me smile. I wanted to pass it on. ^^

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Message from The Trever Project

"The Trevor Project has officially launched its newest program, TrevorSpace! is the only free, online social networking community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, ages 13 through 24 and their friends and allies!"

Heh. Right. :P

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...I don't know what it is about cramps that makes it seem as if they'll go away if I complain loudly enough. But hey, it worked!

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Taking a Leaf out of Lol-taire's book...

So this morning on the subway, this woman got on with her two young sons, and started talking to one of them about a project thing. Now, this boy could NOT have been any older than fifth grade, and probably younger. She was asking him about his model ship or whatever, I guess a diorama thing, and starts asking specific questions: "who rowed the ships?" "What did the merchants trade?" "Did they trade at the ports or go into a marketplace?" And the boy is all shrug-y, and gives a few "I think..." answers that were still pretty decent answer. And the mother...

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'Cause I'm a Crazy U-Haul Lesbian

I....... feel like this guy.

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Waah. I c4n haz womenz?

Damn, I should get on asking that girl to semi.

More later. Moping now.

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My right ear hurts


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Oops. Err. Fuck.

So for my birthday my aunts gave me a $100 American Express card.

Welllll.... I think I may have lost it.

Gah. Fuck.

Hopefully it's floating somewhere in the abyss that is my room. Now to find it. Arghjdafjkn;iwf.

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They're awesome. Just sayin'.

Llama, I saw your post about them, like, laaaast year, and I never looked into them until a friend turned me on to them. And they're SO GREAT! I especially love the banter. And, er, Ty. <3 Nate's tuning songs are THE BESTEST. When I saw them at Joe's Pub, the night after the election, he made up a song about shooting a wolf from a helicopter. Aweeeesome.

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"Her hat is so cute! Are you a lesbian?

So I was walking down the street wearing my rainbow hat (which has earflaps and a pompom and is very VERY rainbow).
One of the girls: daaaaaamn, her hat is so cuuute!
Me: Thanks! (walks on)
One of the girls: are you a lesbian?
Me: Yep!
The girls: whooo! yeah!!

it was fun ^^

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Sharing Oasis?

This just occurred to me:

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Gay Marriage Protest: Point and Counterpoint

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Double standard

When you're shopping online for mens-cut T-shirts, the default size is large. When you're shopping for women's T-shirts. the default size is small. When you're playing Rock Band and creating your own character, the default size for a man is maximum height, maximum weight--and he comes out looking tall and buff.

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Obnoxious Facebook Stati and Staying Home on New Years

So I'm staying home on New Years. Meh. Just chillin'. Honestly, I don't feel like hanging out with my college friends today, I'm a bit fed up with them. It's just one of those groups where my niche is that of verbal punching bag. I mean, I love them to death, but just... it gets ridiculous sometimes. And I feel a little lame for staying in, but honestly... I really wanted to.

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