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I'm sixteen today.

Woah. Dude.

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Birthday presents?

Hmm... everyone keeps asking me what I want for my birthday. In like six days. I have no idea! Raah!!! Help! Advice? Suggestions?

........Would it be really really skeevy if my Oasis birthday request was, like, smut? (Ruby, I'm looking at you...)

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I love Oasis ^^

Putting aside for the moment the fact that I should be doing homework, and instead I'm sitting here listening to Renaissance madrigals and writing a journal entry... I love Oasis. I'm happy to be back. I stopped coming for a while just because of lack of time, I wasn't digging the journaling so much, that sort of thing... But I'm back, and it's fun.

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Sick =(

I'm sick. Gorramit. It was only a half day at school today, so I didn't miss much, but I did leave chamber choir with only two altos/one really-high-tenor when they sang for the faculty meeting today, so I feel bad... And I haven't done any of the work I was supposed to get done because I was too busy being snotty and miserable and easily distracted. Urgh.

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I love talented people

Nah, no juicy gossip here, nothing about the very hot chick from [place] with [very awesome skill]. Though I've got one of those at music school... but that's for another journal entry.

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I'm So Laaaaaaaaaaame!

So I had a really fun evening going out with a bunch of college friends and ice skating and being a dork. And at the end of things it's just me and... let's call him L?

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identity mad (poetry)

Feedback appreciated. Not quite satisfied with the ending, I'm (possibly) looking to change it.

identity mad

any time i hear that song
i’m reminded of you.
this is no schoolgirl crush
on the cute boy in my class.
or maybe it is,
except this cute boy was once the cute girl
and he can do absolutely anything with his hair,
some days she wears earrings

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I feel glum.

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I'm Back, and I Need Some Help (surprise!)

Aww, memories... like how damn much I hate the mandatory title bar!!! Yaaaay!!

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Well, off to camp...

Not that I've ben posting all that much lately anyway ( a fact that makes me sad....) BUT: today I head off to 5 weeks of Composer's Camp in Dublin, New Hampshire. (Anyone who lives up there wanna come and visit meee?

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I just sent this to HER.

so, I didn’t want either of us to go away without me having gotten this off my chest:

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Woah. So, It less than a week, I'm going off to sleepaway camp for the first time ever, for a 5 week period. The most I've ever been away from home on my own is 3 days, tops. And I've always had a little bit of separation stuff (or something...

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I don't know how to deal

Yeah. It's been ages since I've written here. I miss it, but I don't have the time or energy. My best friend/unrequited love interest is cutting again and severely depressed and I don't know what to do.

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Catholic Schoolgirls?

I'm in a little unofficial writing group with some friends, and one of our writing prompts this week was "pleats and plaid."

Yepp. I'm gonna write me some Catholic Schoolgirl smut. ^^

Course, I was thinking this all out on the bus coming back from upstate today, and it was ^^, but I was sitting next to my mom and it was just a bit awkward...

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