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I'm fifteen. Wow.

Last night I finished teching our school's shitty straight-play production (ironically, a very ambiguously gay straight-play). I called my second show last night, I called my first ever show two nights ago.

I took my journal and wrote about 3.5 pages of "I ______." I stayed up way too late doing it, but it felt good and right.

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I am so sad...

I haven't posted on here in just about forever. My life has been spazzing out and somehow I've never found the time. There's so much that's happened. Notably:
-A queergender person that I like... quite possibly can't stand my company.

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Fuck Everything Up (short story)

Everyone else seems to be posting short stories, and truth be told, I'm not up to writing a full journal entry right now. So, here's a little fluffy something I wrote this summer. Concrit is fantastic, people!

Fuck Everything Up
“You always have to fuck everything up, don’t you?”

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm sure there are a million posts of this already, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! I'm thankful for Oasis and for the amazing community here, so thank you guys ^^

Aaaaand that's about it, I have to go catch a train. But <3

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God, I love music. I love the piano. It's a fantastic instrument because you can get so much sound from it....... and every piano is different. Slightly, but they're all different. Even if the instrument is almost exactly the same as another, the setting is different, the position of your seat is different... and it can change everything.

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Soooo... my right eye is bright purple...

Yeahhhh. Yesterday was gym, which meant racquetball. And my friend was swinging her racket around, and--you guessed it--hit me smack in the face. I was wearing goggles, thank god, although I think that the cost of protecting my eye was making the whole bruising thing rather more painful. At any rate...

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Once Upon a Mattress ^^

So, I hurt my knee in soccer yesterday and I can't straighten it now -_- buttt, I wrote a story last night (which I'll prolly post here soonish). Aaand, I got the soundtrack to Once Upon a Mattress today. ^^ Yay. Music makes me indecently happy. And I'm writing choral music of the Lord's Prayer. With no soprano part. Alto/alto/tenor/baritone/bass. Mwaha.

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Parents are irritating

I kinda wanted an orgasm today... I spent a good bit of the afternoon looking at erotica pics for my friends' erotica compilation (we're strange, don't ask......) And basically my afternoon was completely unproductive. (Well, I did win a soccer game yesss!!! But in the process, somehow busted my knee; I can't straighten my left leg now.

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Life is Hectic...

Wow. I haven't been on here in FOREVER. I prolly shouldn't be now, but I stopped caring about sleep. I have to get up early to go to morning-chorus with the most boring teacher in the universe, God knows why she teaches jazz... But, I teched for Shakespeare at my school (Twelfth Night). It was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic! Seriously, it was so, so good!

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Hah! Oh, my gaydar is good!

I swear I had something significant to write about today. But it's not really springing to mind, and my brain is dead. So I'm just gonna say: hell yeah, my gaydar is getting good! An old friend of mine just joined facebook, and she appears to be gay. And HAH I KNEW IT!!! Oooh, I called it. Go me. *parties*

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Weird confession...

I'm on bright and early b/c in five minutes I have to haul my ass out the door to teach my friend her Shakespeare lines and then hang lights and shit for tech. Soooooo. I'll just share that:

I had a strange, strange dream last night, and I need far more sleep and free time and I need to finish my homework muchly.

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The Story of My Current Crush.


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Hehe yay!

I'm just sorta happy because I met my friend's friend, who's a good looking lesbian. Heh. Woot. Not that I'm even crushing on her, but she's fucking awesome. Watches Buffy and the L Word, and is generally kickass. ^^

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My soul hurts. So bad. I just played a soccer game. And I started on defense and did really well, and went down to save a goal, and drew blood within the first, like, minute of play. And then I spend 3rd quarter in goal, and did pretty well, didn't let anything in. THEN. Fourth quarter as goalie. There was one guy running down the field. I shoulda run up, but I stayed in the net. And he scored.

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I'm so evil, and skanky, and... I think I'm kinda gay.

Yes, I've given up on titles that are both interesting a relevant to the journal entry. It's one or the other. Unless it's a really interesting journal entry. ^^

Anyway, things I've done today:
-decided that i lack the energy to write a proper journal entry on oasis after doing it in my notebook already (or to hit the shift key), and chose to write this in list-y.

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