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Love, Hallie

I was going to bitch about camp in this entry.

Instead I'm going to post this link:

I haven't thought about this in so long, but I just got an email from Hallie's sister M.J., with a survey about Hal's Angels (the youth division).

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Yesterday drove home to me the wonderful reality of being out of Junior Chorus. I'm in musical theater camp (as you know if you read my last journal, but you probably didn't because it was random and dull and long, so I'll rehash), and was sitting in the music/singing class thing, and we were singing a song that was reasonably high, high enough to be sung in head voice and not in chest voice.

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Happy 4th!

4th of July. And I still want to be living in Canada. Ah well. Stupid Americans/population/majority/Bush.

The friend who I fought with apologized. I'm still a little iffy on whether it's okay.... whatever. Better than it was.

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So. My best friend. The one who I first came out to, who I fell head over heels for in 8th grade and have only just gotten over, who, for a good portion of 9th grade, has been seriously flirting with me despite being involved with a guy.

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La la la, waiting for my porn to load......

Well, anyway.

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PRIDE!!! ^^

SQUEE! Heh. I went to pride yesterday. I had fun. ^^

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Regents are over!!!

Official summer begins now!!!!


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My mom...

Greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat. So. Today my dad told me that my mom was "uncomfortable with my feelings for girls." And proceeded to remind me (actually in a really nice way; I know it's a lot more my mom's viewpoint than his) that being so open and out about my sexuality could make people see and treat me differently, and could lead to total badness outside of NYC.

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Waterfight, Polygamy

So. Heh. Yesterday I went to the BBQ. Things devolved into a waterfight, and then his dad turned the hose on me. o.0 yeah. sodden. But t'was awesome and hillarious. And they're just such fun people... the car ride home was awesome, we were singing and sounding really good and stuff. Fun-ness.

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But I'm a Cheerleader!!!

OMG BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER MADE ME SOOOOO HAPPY!!! ^^ I mean, apart from awesome kiss/sex scenes (Clea Duvall is SO. HOT. I love her), it was just really funny and sweet. I watched it a sleepover with a buncha school people. And... I think I'm starting to crush on MC. Arg. Fucking [w]hor[e]mones. Just leave me and my friends alone!!! Gah!

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"Gay Bomb?" ...WTF? <--that right there is pretty damn strange.

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I feel like shit.

Not physically. Just in the metal state. I'm scared as fuck about finals, but that's not even it. It's just that I was possibly going to a friend's house today. She called to see if I was going, and made a bunch of really really good points, and I'm sorta easily persuaded and stuff, so I agreed to go, see friends I haven't seen in a while, do the whole big study session thing.

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I have a strange tech head...

Wow, I have a strange tech head. I called him to ask if I was teching a concert at school and left a message. He IMs me later, saying basically: "hey, you made a responsible phone call! Congratulations! Here, I'll give you links to erotica as a reward!" xD strange......................... (not that I don't appreciate it...)

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Hah, my first real show...

Lalalala, I'm finished teching my first real show! Go me! No major errors!!!

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I <3 He's a Pirate.

Keira Knightly... is hot. Especially when androgynous/swashbuckling/kickass/wet. Actually, come to think of it, so's Orlando Bloom. Huh, I just moved down the Kinsey Scale. Ah well.

I have no time. Tech is eating my life. But ladders are fun. Imma sleep now.

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