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...Accidental Flirting?

Ookay. So. First of all, I pick fights with homophobes, and I think I'm insecure in my homosexuality. Pah. But I already ranted about this in my [written] journal, and I don't have time right now, even though it's only 11:30 on the first night of a long weekend, because.... (point #2:) I have no life for the next week and a half because of tech. Joy.

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Hah, that was fun...

Our resident jerk/homophobe: Arg, So-and-So is such a faggot.
Me: *clears throat* (after my persuasive speech in English class, it should be pretty clear that gay, fag, etc. are not to be used as insults around me.)
ORJ/H: Oh. Okay. So-and-So is such a woman.
D (a jock girl who can get pretty feminist when she needs to): *clears throat*

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Gender-queer? Anniversaries.

Woaaaaah... I was right!!!! I might have gaydar (transdar?

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"What's Jesus' View on Homosexuality?"

Sooooooo0o0o00o0o00oo... I finally did it. Me and this friend I was with (she's bi) were in the subways, and there was a guy handing out Jesus pamphlets, we walked up to him arm in arm and asked what Jesus' views on homosexuality were. Mehehehe.... I can't tell you how long I've wanted to do that. I mean, his answer wasn't all that heartening, but he was nice about telling us that it was sinful.

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My left foot..... currently sitting in a vat of warm water as I struggle to finish global hw. Just thought you should all know that.

It's 11:11! Make a wish!

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Fat? Grr...

Okay, so I know I'm not supposed to obsess about this. And I know I'm not technically overweight (according to BMI and stuff). But I could definitely stand to lose weight. My figure annoys me. If I could just get rid of my stomach some, then I'd be okay.

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A first step to getting over her? I hope...

So, remember my best friend who I've been crushing on for just about ever, and who likes me back but currently has a boyfriend and is just randomly touchy-feely and flirty?

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Hate mail?

When I see something stupid and homophobic on facebook, etc., I usually can't stop myself from commenting on that. I did that on a facebook group called "Shakespeare likes the cokc." Now I'm getting hate mail. And it wouldn't be quite as bad if facebook was letting me reply to the latest message. Arg. It's ridiculously stupid and annoying. (These people, not facebook.)

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Not actually gay issues or anything, I just wanna bitch about homework:

I have to write an essay on imperialism. With no sources. And it might be my own fault that I have no sources. Damn. Argh. Damn.

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Lookit me! I'm a stem cell!

Hah, I went to a lecture on stem cells today with a buncha labbies. It was fun. I was a lecture virgin before and now I've been deflowered XD kept imagining a little smiley-faced blob going "lookit me! I'm a stem cell!

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Feeling Brief...

It's raining and lightening. I love lightening.

I'm working a piece of music. I had major brain-block this afternoon, but it went away and I'm writing the piece again.

God I love lightening.

My report card was really, really good. And I quit my stupid science program, so I don't have to do a science project for the next three years.

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The Muppet Musicians of Bremen...

...are dead. I was playing that record (wtf is with Freak Hall's vinyl collection??) in the turntable in the tech booth a few days ago. Sherwin or Steph or someone turned it all the way down b/c they didn't wanna hear it (it was a pretty disappointing record, I must admit), but I assumed that they'd turned it off.

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