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I've put this off for as long as I could...

Let me first start by saying that I won't be on for a while because semester is over. I'll be back in the spring, more or less.

Beyond that I can't really think of anything.

So here's to the shitty part.

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Don't worry. Be happy.

Apparently that's the thought for the day. At least according to the sign on the Reserves desk in my school library it is. But they have one of these doo-hickeys at the end ---> ! . Mine is more dead-pan. So there you have it. Eeyore advice.

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"There's no place I can be since I found Serenity..." Or Firefly Cont.

But you can't take the sky from me.

Okay, question number two: A few days back when that pilot stole the airplane in the hopes that if he flew unauthorized in our airspace he'd be shot down, did anyone else say they'd be singing the Firefly theme if they did that?

Them: "Land the plane."
Me: "Take my love, take my land...."
T: "We aren't gonna say it again, land the plane."
M: "Take me out to the Black, tell em I ain't comin back...."
M: "Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me!!!!!!"


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"Firefly" is awesome anyone?

Has anyone else watched all of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" and following "Serenity" and lifted their arms to the heavens and cried "WHHHYYYYYYYYY???!!!" At the top of their lungs?

Good, me neither....

But I have wondered in a very exasperated way, considering it was a good show and the DVD sales were reported to be pretty decent. And Hell, we've got all kinds of shows out there that get so much money put into them for "reality" TV that, news flash, ain't reality. And they suck. So what the heck happened on the journey from the brain-pan of Mr. Whedon and my happily viewing eyes?

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Hi, y'all, howya doin?!

Haven't been around in a while. School's been out for winter, now it's on for winter intersession. I don't have classes, but I thought I'd swing through and make sure you don't forget about me. :D

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What I want to say to all the homophobic oppressors out there in the USA

First, to all of the homophobic people out there who think Gay people are disgusting and/or whatever:

Get over it. Seriously, no one is going to jump you, you aren't /that/ good-looking and your attitude is a bigger turn-off than a puddle of fermented vomit in the middle of the bed. Shut up. Now.

To those who think "marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman":

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"Californians Support Traditional Marriage"

Now, some of you are probably like me. If you see this on a bumper sticker you think "It is this person's opinion that we should not have same-sex marriage, and I disagree and that's fine. Whatever." or you think "Stupid close-minded ignoramus." Depending on the day, of course, and possibly with more profanity.

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Beneath this mask there is more than a man. There is an idea...

And ideas are *bullet-proof*.

My baby niece, Anastacia (Pronounced Ah-na instead of anna) is almost one year old and I think she's adorable. A righteous little brat at times, but still adorable.

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They say that evil prevails when good men fail to act...

What they should really say is, "Evil prevails."---Lord of War

So, I'm back. Guess what I've been up to? I got a job at this place called Old World Deli. Nice place, even if the smell of food makes me sick after a while. At least I get manageable hours and a $7+ sandwich for only $3 which is automatically taken out of my check. This is the fifth week I'm there. Not bad.

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I needed to get the frick away.

I'm at my friend's house right now...

Gwen moved into my house. She had a falling out with her aunt so she moved in with me. We have had a few...issues, but at least we're both still alive for now. :/

I haven't liked being home for a while now. There's always something that I'm doing wrong or haven't been doing or whatever that makes my mom holler at me.

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Pain and distance

My teeth hurt. >.< I took a vicodin, but it hasn't kicked in yet. Or it hasn't kicked in to the extent it used to. I really hope I haven't developed a tolerance for it.

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No matter how much I sing, it just doesn't make me feel used to.

(I seem to go through this every once in a while, some days worse than others, and today just happens to be one of those worse days.)

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The day I came into the world 3 months before I should have...

Which is today.

Puts a new spin on the whole better-to-be-early-than-late thing I base my life on. Well, appointments in my life, anyway. :)

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I hate you just a little bit...


My friend "Launce"...we drifted apart majorly after the last time I told Gwen to shove off and leave me alone. There's some serious devotion loyalty thing there (Haha Launce and Gwen, get it?) and I guess I should have expected that. I've gotten a little used to the idea that Launce and I will never be as tight as we were...but dammit, I really miss that punk sometimes.

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No confidence in my own self control...

I wanted to say something important, but I forgot what it was. That happens more and more often lately. I'm almost permanently on pain-killers. I have been having some serious problems with tooth aches lately, though it would probably be more accurate to say tooth /agony/ >.< . This has been going on for a couple of months.

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