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YAY today was a snow day and there was no school!!!
im so happy =D

anyone else have a snow day in washington ?

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agent smith

At my house there's this stray cat that comes by everyday because we feed him and my dad finally let him come in. We gave him some cat nip and he was going nuts and was fighting a blanket. So now everytime we see him outside we let him in for a little bit but he started chewing on our carpet the first time so my dad put him back outside and its super cold out!

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Yay I talked to my crush today =D
I don't care if it was only 2 minutes, it was the best 2 minutes of my entire month! considering this month has gone by crapilly...
my voice didnt even crack or anything and...and...and YAY lol
It's really exciting for me considering shes sat behind me in two of my classes for like a month and I've barely even said anything to her but yeah, it was great....

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I have lit. homework I'm supposed to be working on at the moment, but I suppose another distraction can't hurt...that much. I just had an ephipany. And two days ago I finally learned the meaning of that word, ha. I finally understand the meaning of the song "I hate everything about you" by Three Days Grace. How wonderful. It's such a great song too!

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I've been reading journals on the site for a reason. I mentioned before that I've been doubting my sexuality, which has been straight up until recently, at least that's what I'm thinking.
Anyways, I'm not saying I want to label myself, but I'm not sure if I could be gay.

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List of 25

So basically I think I'll just start with 25, and we'll go from there if ever I decide to add on to it!

1. I'm 14, soon to turn 15
2. I'm female
3. I'm a tomboy
4. I like sports, specifically SOCCER
5. One day I will eventually get guitar lessons, self teaching doesn't work that well haha...
6. I play video games
7. Anime is fun to watch sometimes when I'm bored

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Pretty much I'm new here, but I've been reading the journals since summer, and I finally decided to join. =D

I'm not really one for writing journals, especially if it involved 'opening up' but I occasionally feel the need to tell someone of my thoughts/feelings, so what better then on Oasis?

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